Religion and the Politics of Distraction


“There is no significant far-right or nativist party in our politics; in January 2016, the noxious British National Party quietly slipped out of existence, crippled by internal feuding and financial debt (mostly brought about, I am pleased to say, by legal action I took as chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission).” Trevor Philips – Race and Faith: The Deafening Silence.

I grew up in a home that was very much all about the Labour party, with political talk in the household dominated by the assumption of support for Labour and parents who attended the party’s events religiously. My father also hosted regular dinner parties where Labour party councillors would be invited, along with other men, to eat a variety of curries and to discuss politics.

There was a clear division at these parties: the women usually did the cooking and the men discussed politics. Maybe it was this that made me avoid politics. Maybe at some point I just accepted that all political discussions should be left to the men and that my role would be to attend to the chores, like life was back in the 70s and 80s for so many people.

Whatever the reason I am glad I didn’t waste my life following politics and watching as every political party lied and cheated its way through the latest scandals and accusations. Even if I had immersed myself in politics, though, I would still struggle, as I do now, to understand and keep up with all the labels that people give to themselves or to each other: left, right, far left, far right, progressive, (as though anyone would boast they’re not “progressive”), regressive, liberal (again who would boast they’re “illiberal?”), secular, moderate and extreme to name some of them. Having grown up with labels, such as ‘the gori’s daughter,’ ‘paki’, ‘coconut’ and ‘half caste,’ you can understand when I say the only labels I like these days are the ones of the designer variety. (Birkin is my favourite, if you must know.)

The Labour party have recently been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with a number of councillors and MPs suspended for anti-Semitism. There are other councillors who make remarks that are quite clearly racist and if it had been a white councillor making these comments then cries of ‘racist’ would forever follow them around, but because it‘s, say, a Muslim woman then it seems everyone just moves on once that person has reeled off a formulaic and unconvincing apology in the face of public pressure.

The issue of gender segregation at Labour party meetings is also well documented, with non-Muslim members bending over backwards to accommodate the wishes of their fellow Muslim members, usually male. These wishes (actually they’re not wishes at all but demands) have no place in a secular society and any political party that has the cheek to call itself “progressive” should not indulge them.

The Labour party, we now know, have also been part of a mass cover-up going back thirty years, of vulnerable underage girls being raped by gangs of Muslim men, in towns and cities across the UK.

The Conservative party is not free from scandal and corruption either, and there are numerous stories surrounding them. Theresa May has promised an independent inquiry into the operation of Sharia courts in the UK; this came about after concerns were raised that these “courts” discriminate against women. There are an estimated 30 to 85 Sharia “courts” operating in the UK. It will be interesting to see what is uncovered, or more to the point, what action is actually taken if the enquiry uncovers what any decent person already knows. We shouldn’t hold out too much hope for this enquiry given that Theresa May has been known to cover her head with a scarf when meeting with self appointed Muslim community leaders. In doing so, she is actually obeying sharia law.

The Conservative party are also guilty, more indirectly, of the cover-up of the grooming gangs scandal for fear of being labelled racist, even though the areas in which grooming was taking place were Labour majority areas. They are guilty because someone in the party had to know what was going on.

Zac Goldsmith stood as the Tory candidate for Mayor of London and when he challenged Sadiq Khan on his links to extremism, the race card came out and Zac Goldsmith was instantly accused of running a “racist” campaign. Goldsmith challenging Khan on his links to extremism was more serious than Khan’s links to extremism.

Just recently there have been serious concerns that a known terrorist sympathiser has been granted a visa to visit the UK from his home in Pakistan. If I, somebody with no real knowledge of politics, thinks that a terrorist sympathiser should be the last person to be given a visa then why are those in power allowing it? A terrorist sympathiser is being welcomed into this country and yet half a million signatures were gathered to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK. Trump holds some controversial views, there is no doubt about that, but it is because he challenges the ideology of Islam that he is smeared. Fear of being labelled racist shuts down debates amongst ‘normal people’ and the recent elections for the Mayor of London showed us how easy it is to silence people, and even to neuter the political process, with the word “racist.”

The Scottish National Party is Scotland’s largest political party and was formed in 1934, but it wasn’t until the 50s and 60s that their popularity started to grow thanks to resentment of Westminster’s control of Scottish affairs. In the late 90s the SNP ventured into the mainstream of Scottish politics and it was probably around this time that my staunch Labour supporting parents became SNP members, along with many other people living in Scotland, regardless of religious background. Like every other political party the SNP are not without their scandals and there have been stories involving finances, racism and marital affairs.

One of the differences between these three political parties is that the SNP have so far escaped a rape cover-up scandal. I say so far because I believe it is inevitable. We have seen the proof of the cover-up of grooming gangs which were operating in towns and cities in the UK, such as in Rotherham where at least 1,400 girls were raped because politicians, the police and everyone else with the responsibility for safeguarding children exchanged their moral and vocational obligations for a worthless badge proving they weren’t racist. To believe that Scotland has been immune from the Muslim grooming gangs phenomenon and that no such cover-up has taken place here is foolish and naïve in the extreme.

Then we have UKIP, a political party that I only heard about a few years ago. A party whose entire membership and voter base are racists and homophobes, every last one of them, according to mainstream media and therefore according to the general public who often believe whatever the media feed them. It makes no difference that UKIP have no actual racist policies and that they have members, supporters and elected officials from all ethnic backgrounds, gay and straight (how many people know that UKIP’s candidate for London Mayor, Peter Whittle, is openly gay?) If you even mention UKIP in conversation with friends instantly they will describe them as ‘racists and bigots and fascists.’ And don’t dare tell anyone you are voting for them because then you will be viewed as the lowest of the low. UKIP are deemed worse than the Labour and Conservative parties who turned a blind eye to the rape of children. Wanting to control immigration or even discuss immigration is a bigger crime than rape, for the deluded and virtue-signallers.

Also interesting to note is the treatment of UKIP’s Anne Marie Waters, who is the founder of Sharia Watch UK, (whose website is hacked on a regular basis). Many people smear Anne Marie as a racist or say she spends too much time criticising Islam, the same criticism Tommy Robinson receives. Anne Marie set up Sharia Watch to confront the growing influence of Sharia in the UK, such as Sharia Councils. Many women from Middle Eastern countries have emailed her and she has a huge support from women living in countries under Sharia law. These Muslim women do not care that Anne Marie is white, or that her party is UKIP. Living under barbaric, deathly rules with their every move controlled and perhaps every part of their bodies cloaked in black, they have slightly more important things to worry about. If anything should outrage them about the political behaviour in the UK, it should be the Labour party’s cowardly appeasement of the very ideology that makes these women’s lives so dreadful. For those that have witnessed the appalling smearing of Anne Marie, it should be very obvious that Sharia does not want to be watched in the UK.

For daring to discuss the problems with multiculturalism, Islam and mass immigration, Anne Marie is smeared as a racist and people, who may have otherwise listened to what she has to say, avoid her because, you know, she is racist – because she talks in actual facts.

I like facts and I like people who are honest and are not scared to tell the truth. Yes there is a problem with Islam, yes we have to talk about mass immigration and yes we need to look at the ways in which multiculturalism has failed and is still failing. Why are we so quick to say someone is a racist or holds bigoted views for wanting to discuss this? Anne Marie was an active member of the Labour party for 8 years before joining UKIP, at which point she realised very quickly how people who were once friends no longer wanted anything to do with her, all because of her new political leanings and mainly because she wanted to talk about immigration.

Anne Marie is also the Deputy Leader of Pegida UK, a street movement that is rarely given a fair hearing by the mainstream media with the result that Pegida is generally viewed as a nasty and thuggish organisation who hate Muslims. The fact that ex-Muslims and Muslims alike support what Pegida are trying to do makes no difference to those who have decided it is easier to call them racist than to admit that perhaps they have a point and are part of the solution rather than the problem.

“The Pegida UK event will be a peaceful, no-alcohol, silent march of protest. Families and people from all backgrounds are welcome to join patriots from all over the country in Rotherham on June 4th. Homophobes, Nazis, racists and anti-Semites, however, are not welcome. PEGIDA UK is in Rotherham to demand people’s rights are protected, that people receive justice, and that all are treated equally under one British law.”

When I first saw Pegida’s silent march for the raped and abused young girls of Rotherham advertised, I thought “I want to go, I want to march in silence for the girls but for the non-white girls.” Not because I didn’t care about the white girls who were undoubtedly the greatest victims of the grooming gangs – of course I do but perhaps I was just worried that people might overlook Muslim victims of these grooming gangs. I thought I would get up and join the speakers on stage and give a speech for the non-white girls and let them know they weren’t forgotten. I emailed Anne Marie and asked if it would be possible to give a speech for the girls nobody is speaking about, the forgotten victims of the grooming scandals, forgotten because the shame and honour surrounding rape in their community is placed higher than help and justice for the victims. She replied and said she would be marching for ALL the girls but that I was more than welcome to come along and march with her and also give a speech.

The date was changed from 28th May to 4th June but, sadly, having other commitments meant I could no longer attend. If I am honest I was somewhat pleased at the change of dates as the thought of publicly speaking, even for such an important cause, filled me with dread. But knowing that Anne Marie was going to be there for all the victims of the grooming gangs I didn’t feel too bad at letting them down.

We shouldn’t need Sharia Watch, UKIP or Pegida to tell us that many women are oppressed in the countries where Sharia is law, or in the UK where its influence is sadly growing.  It should be common knowledge and the only controversial thing should be failing to tackle it, rather than tackling it.

Yet when Anne Marie is vocal about these issues and writes about them she is a “racist” and if you associate with her in any way, then by default you too are a “racist”. Even if you’re Muslim. Go figure.

UKIP’s popularity has been increasing slowly over the years and the reasons for this are perhaps similar to the rise of the SNP’s popularity in the late 90s. With the SNP it was a desire to control Scottish affairs and with UKIP the desire is to keep Britain, British. Which means discussing immigration, discussing Islam, and discussing the real danger that Sharia law, one day, will be implemented into parts of Britain.

UKIP has its share of scandals involving racism, homophobia and sexism within the party and amongst its members, like every other political party. But because this particular party is willing to discuss taboo subjects such as immigration, Islam and British identity, that criticism lacks any sense of proportion, and often indeed any sense of truth, and so the one political party that is perhaps best placed to confront these crucial issues, and which is most willing to speak frankly, is constantly silenced and demonised – which means those crucial matters simply fester.

What happens after that? Well, if credible, mainstream organisations such as UKIP are not allowed to confront these issues then other organisations will, and they will not be pleasant. So, well done to all you ‘anti-racists’ for trying to silence and demonise UKIP. You’ve made it much more likely that actual racist organisations will flourish. What a wonderful achievement.





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