Stop raping our children

“Muslim manipulation of white guilt”

Once again Tommy Robinson has been arrested. At the time of writing this article the reasons are unclear and I understand he is due to appear in court on Monday 22nd May. It could be that those in power do not like his reporting, outside courtrooms, of the alleged grooming gangs that are regularly appearing in courts in towns across England. Social media has come out in support of Tommy Robinson and many are questioning, rightly so, why he has been arrested.

Some are saying it was to try and stop him from attending the #justiceforchelsey march in Northumberland on Saturday 12th May. Chelsey was allegedly gang raped by six Syrian and Iraqi refugee men, last year. Chelsey’s brother is in prison for going to the bedsit in which the refugees were living at the time. They have since been moved to a safe house. Others are saying it was to stop Tommy from reporting outside a Leeds court about the case of yet another alleged Muslim grooming gang.

It may be that Tommy infringed a law or prejudiced a trial. Who knows. Perhaps we will know more on Monday. But ask yourself this: would the law have been so rigorously applied to anyone else, who was reporting about a different issue?

It only highlights the wider double standards and discomfort in society today. If you talk about Muslim grooming gangs you will be accused of being a racist, of having an agenda, and of somehow disputing or not acknowledging that white rapists exist (“Yeh, but yeh but, what about Jimmy Savile?”)

The largest number of paedophiles and rapists in the UK are white; the largest number of rapists and paedophiles in jail and on the sex offender register in the UK are white. Hardly surprising in a country that is predominantly white. White men rape. There, I said it. Happy now? Now can I talk about Muslim rape gangs?

Grooming gangs are mostly made up of Pakistani men or, to be more specific, men from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. Grooming gangs differ from your white rapists in that they pass underage girls round relatives to rape. It’s a bonding thing. A guy thing. It is rare to hear of this particular model of abuse with white rapists and paedophiles, perhaps it happens of course but not to the extent it does with Muslim grooming gangs.

Bearing in mind the particular model of Muslim grooming gangs – where girls are shared between brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, cousins and friends – you get an idea of the number of people in that community that must be involved, or at least who must know about what is happening yet do nothing about it. Their own community, who ensure that more and more girls suffer, shields these men from the law. Typically, paedophiles in the non-Muslim community would not be given such refuge in the way Muslim rapists are.

At the last count there are something like 74 towns across the UK where grooming gangs operate. One way of finding out where there are grooming gangs raping underage girls is to see where there is a large population of Mirpuris. Unfortunately, wherever they are in the UK, hell wherever they are across the world, there will be grooming gangs operating. It’s like smoke and fire.

There are 59 ongoing investigations nationwide. Think about it, 59, how many little girls have been raped? I get why people don’t want to think about it. The thought of it makes me ill. But if we don’t talk about it then how will we stop it?

If you are on the ‘wrong side’ of the political divide it seems you cannot bring attention to it because people will accuse you of ‘scaremongering’ or of being ‘racist’ towards1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. And if you are on the side of the political divide that is seen as being acceptable then you won’t bring up the fact that the majority of men in the grooming gangs are Muslim and you will probably instinctively deflect to the horrific crimes committed by white paedophiles. Did I just hear someone say Jim’ll Fix It?

There are no mainstream media reporters outside the courts across the UK, there is little media coverage of these trials and you have to ask yourself why. Why are these Muslim grooming gangs given special treatment? Would the same treatment be given to say a gang of Jewish men gang raping Muslim children across the UK? I think not.

So we know for a fact that Muslim men have been raping underage white children for many years. I would guess this has been happening since they first arrived in the UK in the 60s. They didn’t wake up one day in the mid 80s and think ‘I know, let’s groom some underage girls for raping.’ This mentality has always been there.

Mirpuri men who arrived in the UK in the 60s must have thought they had landed in Heaven. Back home they are segregated from females once they reach a certain age and so many satisfy their sexual needs with other men, and many more with animals. The really depraved and sickest of them all rape little children.

They thought they had landed in Heaven because they had never seen women mixing freely with the opposite sex. They had never seen women showing so much bare skin. Many of these men started dating white ‘gori’ women and began to set up home with them. The majority of women who dated the men from Pakistan were Catholic; some of these women were from the care system.

Many of these men were taught that white women were easy; that white women were slags and would do anything the men wanted them to do. Some of them were in for a shock when they realised this was actually not true at all. Many of them were shocked that white women dared to stand up for themselves.

These beliefs that white women are slags hasn’t gone away, if anything the beliefs are much stronger than they ever were. 59 court cases involving mostly Pakistani men, charged with the grooming and rape of underage white girls, tells you all you need to know about their beliefs, their culture and their mindset.

Some Pakistani women are also just as guilty as the men in that they too think white women are slags and that the girls who have been raped by the Pakistani men in their communities should have been kept indoors instead of being allowed out. To those women I have only one question and that is ‘What about the Pakistani girls in your own homes, who have no freedom and are kept indoors, that are raped?’

The Muslim grooming gangs will also be raping girls in their own communities. To think that Muslim children are somehow magically protected from rape is a slap in the face of these children. I hear stories all the time. Stories where girls ARE slapped across the face by their mothers for finding the courage to tell of the sex abuse at the hands of whatever relative it might be, stories of grown men who were sexually abused by mullahs at the local mosque. Little boys who grow up to become angry young men with a real hatred towards women, because their mothers did not protect them from being sodomised, little boys who grow up to become men who beat their partners/wives because they have an anger that they have never dealt with.

Then you have the little girls in the community who are being anally raped. Anally raped because the Muslim rapist knows how valuable her virginity is and so as long as her hymen is intact then so too is the family honour. How thoughtful of them. And when this little girl grows up and is forced into a marriage her husband can rape her and the white cloth will have her blood on it to prove she was a virgin.

Talk of Muslim grooming gangs is strongly discouraged in our mainstream media. Any serious talk about it – beyond talking in wishy washy terms about ‘Asian grooming gangs’ (notice how it’s perfectly acceptable to tarnish an entire continent, composed of people of many faiths and none, rather than point to the religion of Islam), or beyond gently remarking that rape is, like, a really bad thing but it happens everywhere (remember Jimmy Savile?) – never takes place. But thanks to the bravery and moral clarity of people like Tommy Robinson, who even before reporting at these trials had been warning about Muslim rape gangs for years, the discussion is slowly being pushed into the mainstream, and there is even now a BBC series about it, Three Girls. If the public are ever educated about Muslim rape gangs it will be despite – and not because of – our media, police, social services, “feminists” and ivory tower-dwelling “liberals.”














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