Why is Britain not roaring in pain?

Rotherham is one of the most famous towns in Britain, famous worldwide and famous for all the wrong reasons, a town known for the biggest child protection scandal in UK history. The truth is that the biggest child protection scandal is the whole of the UK, there is not one town or city that has is safe from rape gangs. If there is a kebab shop in your town or city then the risks are high that there is a rape gang operating with impunity.

Rotherham is the one town most of us are aware of, the one we all focus on and are appalled and disgusted by. The true figure of girls raped will never be known but is estimated to be around 1400. The true number of perpetrators will never be known either and most of them are free to walk around in Rotherham and carry on raping, increasing the estimated number of 1400 girls to who knows how many.

Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion, described it as a ‘national disaster’ and believes as many as one million children may have been victimised. One million children and there is no outrage. A national disaster and there is silence. Why are all the councillors from every town and city not demanding a public enquiry, demanding justice for these children? Where are all the feminists? Where are all the marches demanding an end to the sexual exploitation of children? I see none. Why? Is it because the girls are white working class and the perpetrators are mostly Pakistani Muslim men, or to be more precise Mirpuri men? Is the Muslim vote really more important than the brutal rapes of children?

The abuse and rape of young white working class girls continues in Rotherham. Don’t be fooled for a minute that everything has changed and children are all of a sudden protected. If the perpetrators are free to roam the chances are high that they will be raping. I have spoken to a few people from Rotherham who for obvious reasons asked that I do not reveal their identity. The fear and intimidation from MPs, Labour councillors, police and the rape gangs is enough to stop them speaking publicly. One source told me that if you go out to Clifton Park at midnight you will see girls as young as 11 and 12 years old. He said they are still hanging around kebabs shops at 3am. If this is true then where are the child protection agencies? Where are the police? Many will ask where the parents of these girls are and the sad fact is that some of these girls have no one in their lives to love and protect them. Some of these girls have only known neglect and abuse.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997-2013) was conducted by Alexis Jay and she states that 1/3 of the cases where children who were known to social services for child protection and neglect. We all want to be loved it is a basic human need. These young girls are no different.

2017 and there will still be vulnerable girls and boys, neglected, physically, sexually and emotionally by their own families. Families who do not care if they are hanging round with the rape gangs, being passed round like ‘easy meat.’

The Jay Report looked into many cases of child sexual exploitation and one case involved a ‘12-year old child with a 24-year old ‘boyfriend’ had a mother who invited the perpetrators into the family home, where the girl would give the men oral sex for 10 cigarettes.’

How many children, nationally are suffering like this? In Rotherham 1/3 of the cases involved children known to social services or other services. How many nationally?

These are the children that nobody cares about, children addicted to drugs and alcohol, children who will be self harming, children with mental health issues, children who will continue the cycle of abuse and neglect with their own children. Few of these children have been offered counselling and suffer in silence.

Boys were also identified in The Jay Report, up to 80 alleged victims and in April 2007 one man was convicted for abusing ten boys. I can find no other information about this man. Although I doubt very much he acted alone.

Although 1/3 of the cases involved children under the care of the authorities in Rotherham not all the parents were neglectful. Some of the parents tried and failed in getting support, one family rang the police and other services over 200 times and no support was given, while their daughter continued to be raped.

Many of the cases involved children from loving families, families who struggled to cope with what was happening. The police did not believe them saying they were ‘consenting’ to sex with multiple perpetrators. Fathers were arrested for trying to protect their daughters; the victims were arrested for being drunk and disorderly while the perpetrators were free to do as they pleased.

Those who did report the multiple rapes to the police had their windows smashed, intimidated, other siblings were beaten up or threatened with rape, the list is endless and the fact that they were offered no protection from the police is disgusting.

There have been numerous articles and reports on Rotherham, many of us know of the brutal rapes of these young girls at the hands of the Pakistani men, have read the reports, read the ways in which these young girls were groomed and then trafficked to cities and towns across the UK, forced to perform sex acts in the back of the taxis that were used to take them from Rotherham to other towns.

So far we know of 74 towns and cities across the UK that have had convictions for rape gangs although every town and city in the UK will have rape gangs.

Where are the journalists from those towns and cities? Where are the police, councillors, MPs, social workers, child protection and safe guarding agencies? Why are they silent? Why is there not a roar being heard worldwide at the horrific and brutal rape of little children by gangs of Pakistani Muslim men? Why is Britain not on her knees crying in pain at what is happening to her children?

What you have read about Rotherham will be happening all over the UK. If you have read the Jay Report and read about the ways in which the young girls were brutalised, bags over their heads, doused in petrol, threatened to be set on fire, raped by multiples of men, threatened with guns, made to watch the brutal rapes of other girls and anally raped until the blood was pouring down the back of their legs. All this and more will be happening to vulnerable girls and boys in your towns and cities.

Scotland has so far escaped a scandal; we all know there is more than one being covered up. Why should Scotland be free from rape gangs? What makes us so special? Nothing. Wherever there are vulnerable children there will be predators waiting to pounce.

In 2011 Operation Cotswold was set up to investigate child sexual exploitation in Glasgow and it identified 12 councils and health boards across the West Of Scotland. The investigation ended in February 2015. The results of these two operations are hardly worth writing about, but write I must.

100 -140 potential girls were identified, some as young as ten, from care homes, in and around Glasgow. Again we see the pattern is the same as Rotherham where young girls looking for love and attention are being abused and exploited. So desperate for love they see nothing wrong in what is happening to them.

There has been a lack of progress with the trials of the rape gangs in Glasgow. Twenty-seven suspects were identified and out of that one paedophile has been convicted. 20 year-old failed asylum seeker from Afghanistan, Javaid Akhand was sentenced to six years in 2014.

Six years on from Operation Cotswold and most suspects are free. Four men were convicted and two received a custodial sentence. I have not been able to find any other details. No names or how long they were sentences for.

If the political will was there the rape of our children would be a thing of the past.