The victims we know so well

Every time there is an incident involving the followers of the not so peaceful religion, MSM is quick to contact Muslims to discuss it. Whether it is a terrorist attack or another rape gang being jailed, the panel is mostly made up of Muslims.

The same type of Muslims who wrongly believe that to criticise the Muslims who carry out these attacks is somehow criticising ALL Muslims. Muslims who will argue that the terrorists who carried out the latest knife/truck attack and the rapists are not REAL Muslims.

How do they know? Do they know them personally? Who are they to decide who is a Muslim? Before they carried out the terror attack they would have been Muslims. When they are buried they are given a Muslim burial. So why say they are not Muslims? To protect the image of Islam? Let’s be honest that image needs more than a few lies to protect it.

Same story with the rape gangs, from the panel of Muslims and others in MSM who write articles and give their opinions. The majority of them claim that these paedophiles are not Muslim because they drank alcohol, sold drugs, and raped the girls and so go against the teachings of Islam.

Muslims drink alcohol, take drugs, sell drugs, have sex, eat non halal meat, rape girls, sodomise boys and never pray five times a day. The only time many Muslims pray is Jumma prayers, prayers on a Friday. Pray on a Friday and Allah will forgive the sins committed all week. This is why the busiest day of the week at any mosque in the UK is a Friday. Or Eid prayers, then it is busy and funerals. Any other time the mosque is not very busy.

To claim that these Muslims who carry out terror attacks are not Muslims is ridiculous. They are REAL Muslims who literally follow the words of the Koran.

Time and time again we hear of another mosque where a hate preacher has been found to be spreading hate, poisoning the minds of young Muslim men and boys to hate the west, the infidels, the Jews and to wage Jihad. Mosques and many Muslim homes where children are raised to believe one day the world will be Islamic.

Recently an Islamic school was in the news because the children were being taught that rape was ok. Where do the teachers get this information from, where do they learn this to pass it on to the young? Could it be the Koran?

Any time there is an attack by Muslims, be it in the UK, Europe or the Middle East we see the same high profile Muslim voices quick to condemn the West, foreign policy or the Iraq war to name a few of the excuses that they come out with. Never do we hear them say terror attacks occur because these Muslims hate us and our way of life and that they dream of a global caliphate. Even when ISIS claim responsibility for the attacks and tell us why they attack they still refuse to discuss this.

Anytime there is another rape gang uncovered the usual high profile Muslim voices are quick to deflect to Jimmy Savile, point out that most rapists, paedophiles are white men, jails are full of white paeados and other excuses to stop the much needed debate as to why gangs of Pakistani Muslim men are raping white girls in towns and cities across the UK.

A pig’s head was left outside a mosque in Bolton and all the usual high profile Muslim voices are outraged. Disgusted. Shocked and sickened. Yet little or no outrage for the rape of children in their communities. You can bet if it was white men raping their little girls and boys there would be a war on the streets of Britain. When it is their own men raping and sodomising the children in the community it is somehow ok? No roaring, no outrage, no Britain burning. Sad. Sad that they devote so much time and energy towards fake Islamophobia and do little to deal with the real hatred in the community. Hatred towards children, women, gays, white people, the list is endless.

To even dare to discuss the rot in the heart of the community somehow means ALL of the community is rotten. If the community carries on like it does, in denial, always the victim, refusing to address the harmful cultural practices then the rot will spread and it will be beyond any help.






  1. David · September 16, 2017

    It’s appalling to hear people like Corbyn refuse to admit there is a far higher rate of grooming and abuse from Pakistani Muslims than other groups. I saw an interview with him about a month ago. It was put to him three times and every time his reply was: “Sexual abuse is committed by people from all parts of the community”. Even he knew it was rubbish. Even he didn’t what he was saying, let alone any honest, sensible person. But he keeps on saying it, because he thinks people should be judged differently (protected) according to their skin colour and ethnicity.

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    • David · September 16, 2017

      oops… I meant: Even he didn’t believe what he was saying…


    • Howard Thomas · September 19, 2017

      A few days after the Manchester slaughter Corbyn gave a speech condemning the slaughter while at the same time alluding to the slaughter being partly caused by British foreign policy – thereby agreeing with the Jihadi view! Thereby awarding the attack some justification.

      It was despicable and typical of the naive virtue-signalling Left. British foreign policy also includes some £200 billion in aid over the last 50-60 years, many, if not most, of the recipients being Muslims!

      Part of Corbyn’s speech:
      The UK government must ensure “**our foreign policy reduces rather than increases the threat to this country** … Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home.That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and held to account for their actions. **But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism** is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people that fights rather than fuels terrorism.

      Should Corby gain power one presumes he will be consulting the Muslim Council of Britain before announcing any foreign policy matters!


  2. the thought offender · September 17, 2017

    The Perfect Religion is above criticism. Especially, YOURS, you bloody, Kufr!!

    You can’t keep yourself or your family safe. We are coming. No one can help you.


    • Coram Deo · September 18, 2017

      ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved’ (Acts 16:31).


    • Sarah · September 18, 2017

      Oh please. Twirl your mustache a little harder when you froth at the mouth with that kind of nonsense.


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  4. mikesplaceweb · September 17, 2017

    Interesting post. Here’s what I wrote about Parsons Green…

    Ever feel like Bill Murray?


  5. Howard Thomas · September 19, 2017

    The reality is that the Muslim movement, the Quranic/Mohamedic movement, is essentially an intolerant supremacist aggressive proselytising movement. This only reflects the tones of the Koran, plain for all to read and reflect.
    It can only be confronted by equally forceful push back. The trouble is the opposition to any push back by naive liberal virtue-signalling elements who cannot face upsetting those who quite rightly should be upset.
    This has to start firstly from the declaration that Quranism/Mohamedism (Islam) is not benign and therefore it is a social welfare issue to eradicate it. While the western elites treat the Muslim movement as just another ‘great’ religion it will continue to dig the hole of western civilisation.

    we ought to:
    – pull all Quranic material from prisons and stop Imams going to promote Quranism/Mohamedism.
    – Prevent any more mosques being built.
    – record all Friday sermons
    – require all mosques to post a declaration condemning any alienation or intimidation of apostates.
    – require all Madrassas to be licenced along with the teachers.
    – ban private Islamic schools
    – require all primary schools to have an apostasy programme to be attended by all children labelled as Muslim by their parents.
    – Urge the MSM to refrain from saying the phrase ‘prophet Mohamed’ and substitute the phrase ‘Mohamed of Mecca, who Muslims consider a prophet’ – because no one else thinks he was an


    • Howard Thomas · September 19, 2017

      … because no one else thinks he was a prophet.


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