Rape Enablers

My account was suspended on Twitter for ‘hate speech.’ I tweet about FGM and Pakistani Muslim rape gangs raping Pakistani Muslim children, as these are two of the barbaric harmful practices I am most passionate about bringing attention too.

I tweet about forced marriage and Islam too. Sometimes I will share a picture of cake, as that is another passion of mine, eating cake to help me cope with the horror that is inflicted on our children.

There are a few verified Twitter accounts who take great joy in shutting down accounts who they believe are ‘racist’ and full of ‘hate speech.’ One verified account in particular has decided that I am Enemy No1 on Twitter and that I ‘spew hate’ and that I am a racist. I am worse than ISIS, Islamists, white supremacists and the real racists, in his eyes, which are obviously painted on.

If I was a racist I would give not one f*ck if Pakistani Muslim children were being raped or Muslim girls were having their vaginas mutilated. Racists tend not to care what happens to little brown children.

There are idiots who also accuse me of saying ALL Pakistani Muslims are rapists. Where? Where do I say this? Nowhere. To say ALL Pakistani Muslims are rapists is ridiculous and a way of shutting down any discussion about the rape gangs.

I get suspended for highlighting and raising awareness of the harmful practices that occur in the Pakistani Muslim community and the rape enablers celebrate that my account has been suspended.

Imagine they devoted the time and energy to mass report my account to shutting down REAL hate on Twitter? Paedophiles accounts of which there are many? I report these accounts and rarely does Twitter shut them down.

Where are these accounts and their groups of people, mass reporting any account that is critical of Islam, FGM, rape gangs and anything else they deem as hateful? Where are they when it comes to the accounts that share images of children being abused and raped? Are they viewing these accounts? Getting off on it? Is that why they are happy to have these accounts stay on Twitter and rejoice the ones they get suspended, the accounts that want to protect children from rape?

Crazy isn’t it? That is the state of Twitter and the rape enablers with their sick and depraved ways. Shut down the accounts of those who wish to protect children, accuse them of being racist, mass report and then rejoice. Yet stay silent on the actual hate.

The police are no better than the rape enablers. Money given to campaigns to shut down people who insult adults yet accounts on Twitter with horrific sexual abuse/rape of children and no money to go after those to shut them down. Why? Why are we ignoring the abuse of children online and going after those who criticise Islam, because let’s be honest that is who they are after with their ‘mean tweets’ campaign.

Well they can mass report every single account that I create, it is hardly a chore to create another one. There are many good people out there who make the account and send me the log in details along with the password. Simple, you sad sacks.

I would stay away but seeing as it infuriates them I keep coming back. They also like to stalk me online and see what I am saying or doing – hello I have three accounts on Twitter that are active and another three that have yet to tweet.