Frankfurt School Theory

Until a few years ago I had never heard of the Frankfurt School Theory and so I am not surprised at the amount of people who have also never heard of it. Unless you go to university where it is drummed into students (the positive elements), chances are you won’t have heard of it either.

Everyone should familiarise themselves with it though and those who are aware of it should educate others on it.

So what is Frankfurt School Theory and how did it come about?  A little background is important but I will focus mainly on the 11 points that make up the theory, some say created to destroy the west and create a new world order.

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia failed to sweep a Worker’s Revolution into Europe and the USA and so a meeting was organised to discuss why this had failed.  The Bolsheviks were a Jewish sect.

Conservative author Ralp de Toledano (1916-2007) described this as “a meeting more harmful to Western civilisation than the Bolshevik Revolution itself.”

In the summer of 1924, after being attacked for his writings, George Lukas, a Jewish Hungarian aristocrat and son of a banker moved to Germany where he chaired the first meeting of communist orientated sociologists.  This meeting would lead to the foundation of the Frankfurt School.

Felix Weil born to a wealthy Jewish family in Argentina graduated with doctoral degree in political science.  He became interested in socialism and Marxism.

Carl Grunberg was the Institutes Jewish director from 1923-1929 and was an avowed Marxist.

In 1930 Max Horkheimer took control and believed Marx’s theory should be the basis of Institute’s research.

Then Hitler came into power and the Institute closed, so they fled to USA and ended up as academics at major universities.

People will always argue for and defend their own.  Even those who claim to be for human rights wont question the rot at the heart of their own communities.  They will argue with facts because the facts hurt their feelings. They try to ignore that facts don’t care about their feelings.

There are some people that say Frankfurt School theory is a tin foil hat conspiracy, yet the facts are there in black and white.  There are 11 points and every one of them can be ticked off so make of that what you will.

Creation of racism offences

 The creation of racism offences in the west protects only the minorities, brown and black people.  White people are the racists and no one can ever be racist towards them.

“The Board has been at the forefront of the development of proposals for race legislation in the UK.  It has also sought allies and made common cause with other religious and minority groups. The Board played a fundamental part urging upon government in the first race relations act.” – Board of Deputies of British Jews – 1998.

We can see this every day where minorities are not prosecuted for hate crimes.  One of the many examples is the rape of white girls by mainly Pakistani heritage men. Even when these girls have been raped and called white slags and subjected to the most barbaric of violence it is still not classed as a hate crime. But when these girls retaliate and call the savages ‘pakis’ the girls are threatened with prosecution for hate crime.

To repeat, the barbaric brutal gang rape of an 11-year-old girl while calling her a white slag is not prosecuted as hate crime, yet those same girls calling the beasts ‘pakis’ is a hate crime.

Continual change to create confusion

 Men are women and women are men.  Women are called CIS women and men who think they are women are called trans. If men don’t want to date a woman with a penis and if lesbians don’t want to date a man with boobs then they are transphobes.

Children as young as two years old ‘know’ they are born the wrong sex even though children as young as two don’t even know what they want for dinner.

If you misgender someone you can expect a visit from the police but if you download images of children being abused you can carry on safe in the knowledge that the police are too busy chasing people for mean words on the internet.

Up is down, left is right and wrong is right.

 The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

 This for me is one of the most sinister and disgusting points on this plan and if you have children and are aware you will know that this is happening in education.  Children as young as ten years old are being shown videos of women giving birth, cartoons of men and women having sex.

No child of ten needs to see this.  Ever.  And there is no argument you can have which will convince me otherwise.

The recent ‘trannies reading stories to toddlers’ phenomenon so that they can grow up to be non judgemental is also bullshit. Trannies tend to be asleep all day and out partying all night so unless these toddlers are being taken to clubs they will not be seeing any of them.  The whole thing stinks of degeneracy and the sexualisation of children is blatantly obvious.  And worrying.

Children should be kept innocent for as long as possible and this trend just destroys their innocence earlier.

Undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

 There is little to no respect for teachers and authority with children being disruptive and some not even attending class. Teachers are unable to control the children in their care and in many cases are frightened of the children, especially in high schools where some teachers are only a few years older than the students.

Huge immigration to destroy identity

Mass immigration occurred in the 60s with South Asians, then the 80s with Iraqis and Kurds and now we see it with the Somalians and Syrians.  All of these people are encouraged to have pride in their identity, all these people are proud of their identity and have not forgotten who they are and all these people are encouraged to keep their culture and tolerant Britain allows it.

The indigenous people of Great Britain are the ones who have had their identity destroyed and made to feel shame for having pride of their white culture.  Diversity means getting rid of white people.

 Mass immigration will continue in 2020 and soon they will make it a criminal offence to criticise mass immigration and the vast problems it brings.  Many of you will have seen the “Global Compact for Migration” being signed by world leaders, including Theresa May, with some alarm.  Rightly so.

 Promotion of excessive drinking

 There was a time when alcohol was not sold on a Sunday and it was seen as a day of rest and a day for church, family and Sunday dinner.  Then the licensing laws were changed and alcohol was sold on a Sunday, happy hour was promoted in the pubs and clubs.  The lowering of the price of alcohol in supermarkets making it more accessible to young people. Women too were encouraged to get as drunk as men with the ‘ladette’ culture seen as something to aspire to.

Emptying of churches

Sunday was a day of wearing your Sunday best, attending church with your family and praying.  The sense of community and belonging was strong and people looked out for each other.

After church and prayers people would return home and mothers and grandmothers would prepare the Sunday roast for their families.

Now with the closing of churches and with many being turned into pubs and clubs, families get together on Sundays to go the pubs for their Sunday dinner and drink alcohol.

Many churches have been turned into mosques, flats, pubs and clubs. How many synagogues, temples and mosques have been shut down?

Unreliable legal system with bias against the victims

 Charlene Downes was 15 years old when she disappeared.  She had been exploited and raped by Muslim men, and two Muslim men were accused of killing her, chopping her body up and placing it through the mincer for kebab meat.  Charlene Downes’ parents received £15k in compensation and the men accused of killing her received around £250k in compensation.

The parents of Saffia Rose who was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing received £11k in compensation while a Muslim man who was kept in jail longer for than what he should have been received £100k.

Men who view images of children being abused get a slap on the wrist and no jail time.

Men who rape children are given such light sentences that they may as well be set free.

Parents who mutilate their children’s’ genitals are never punished.

Dependency on the state or state benefits

 Breakdown of the family unit thanks to feminism, which is another article for another day, meaning mothers having to work or claim benefits to survive, mothers are forced to work when their children start primary school.

When I say mothers I actually mean white British working class mothers. The mothers who are in polygamous marriages and cannot speak English will not be forced to work and will be allowed to claim benefits and raise their children.

Control and dumbing down of media

 Who controls the media?  Who decides when there is another rape jihad case being heard in the courts that they will report on the heat wave?  What is of more importance? Telling the truth or lying to the public?

Thanks to social media though we can see for ourselves what the truth is and where the lies are being peddled and even when the proof is there the media still continue to lie.

We have seen an increase in alternative news outlets to counteract the fake news, imagine if we didn’t even have that?

Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Feminists have brainwashed women and young girls into believing they can have it all and that careers and hedonistic lifestyles are more important than being a wife and a mother.  Those that ignore this and do settle down and have children will think nothing of leaving their babies with child minders while they go out to work to pay for the child minder.

The traditional roles of mothers staying at home to be wives and to raise children is frowned upon yet being slaves to employers is encouraged.

Absent fathers, some through choice and others through sheer badness on the mother’s part is not healthy for children who are caught up in their parents’ dramas.







  1. Sunil Banerjee · July 8, 2019

    All the ELEVEN RECOMMENDATIONS of Frankfurt School are active in UK.


  2. countercollectivistaction · July 21

    You should get onboard with Screwcommunism. If you were to get on board the proof would be in the pudding of the journalism as has shown article after article.


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