Since time began humans have committed wrong doings regardless of what race they belong to, what colour their skin is or what religion they choose to follow. It is human nature to be tribal, to survive – this is coded deep in our DNA back to caveman times.

The utopia of everyone living together in harmony is an impossible dream because it counters nature – this is merely a scientific fact.  From a very local level (local football teams despising each other, neighbours bickering), through to north/south divides through to global politics, we are born to stay with who we know and trust and regard ‘others’ as a threat.

However, only the white race is made to feel guilt for the sins of their ancestors and only the white race is accused of being ‘privileged’.  This is based on old power structures and on older white men who were making decisions developing much of the world.  Who were these old white men that mean the white race must now suffer for their misdeeds, but not be celebrated for their immeasurable successes?

I am proud to be mixed race white and I believe that I must defend my white side, which seems to be taking a hammering from all sides. There are more than enough people defending the Pakistani side.

Growing up mixed race in a time when there were few mixed race people was difficult and I experienced racism from both sides.

The Pakistani side never accepted me and for them I would always be the ‘white woman’s daughter’ and on the white side I would have a hard time for being brown.  In my experience it was worse from the Pakistani side than the white side.

My white side is more accepting and they see beyond my skin colour and my Pakistani father. Of course there are some who see me as a half-breed, sand nigger or mud.  Just more labels to add to the ones I already heard and was called while I was growing up. I am a reminder to them of their race being slowly eradicated.

Thankfully apart from on social media I rarely meet people like that in real life.

The Pakistani side is VERY racist and this racism is something we never talk about because ONLY white people can be racist, right?

Many Pakistanis use the word ‘gori’ when talking about white women, gori means fair skin but is often used to imply white women are easy, loose and with no morals.

It is common for Pakistanis to loathe black people more than they do the white people, and many Pakistanis would prefer their children to marry a white person than a black one.

But again that is something we never hear or talk about.

Pakistanis are jealous of what the white race has achieved. They have been in the UK since the 60s and have been sending their remittance back home. Yet back home is mainly still a shit hole, there is no significant industry, no roads, and no decent infrastructure.  There are however massive mansions dotted across the barren landscape, as corruption is rife.

Many men do not work; instead they lounge about all day waiting for the remittance to arrive or the visa to allow them entry into the UK, the racist UK, where they can marry their first cousin.  Their first cousin who is taken out of school, not allowed to finish her education to become a baby-making machine.  The UK allows this but yes this is a racist country. How odd for such a terrible country, people from all round the world cross Europe to get here.

In Great Britain our councillors and MPs are encouraged to have pride in the flag of Pakistan and they happily pose, alongside Pakistani MPS and councillors, for pictures while the flag is being waved.

These same people claim that the flag of England is racist as is the Union Jack flag. Everyone can have pride in their flag but not the white British people.  If British people have pride then they are shamed. Even the Scottish nationalists are not talked about in the same terms as the English nationalists.

A Muslim woman wearing the Union Jack as a hijab is viewed as empowering while a white pregnant woman waving the Union Jack flag was taken to one side because a Pakistani man felt insulted.  So it is now a symbol of oppression as the poor Muslims are frightened by it, yet it doesn’t, of course, stop them coming to the UK in huge numbers.

Great Britain is the least racist country and, is in my opinion, far too tolerant.  We opened our country to mass immigration and many areas have been turned into a shit hole.  Many Muslims refuse to integrate while many more refuse to work.  The burden on British taxpayers is in the billions per annum, with up to 75% of Muslim women on benefits.

The Muslim Defence League (MDL) was given a police escort in Oldham, where they marched to a political rally to throw bricks and stones at white families.  Incredibly the police didn’t prevent this happening. The police claim it was a counter protest but there wasn’t a protest taking place for them to counter, and neither did they have any banners or placards, just face coverings, eggs, bricks and bottles.

Compare this to the police treatment of white people at the ‘Free Tommy’ events in the summer of last year where they used batons and charged at white British people for far less than the actions of the MDL.

I guess that is the white privilege we hear so much about.

We hear of a racist Muslim man who spat at a white 9-month old baby and escapes prison because he is classed as mentally ill.

We hear of a white man who leaves bacon outside the mosque, is sentenced to 12 months in jail, and dies in prison.

White men are raping white girls; the caring left constantly reminds us that the majority of paedophiles and rapists are white.  This is true but they are typically in isolation and reviled by their community and society.  Gangs of Muslim men are raping white girls, often in large groups, including family members – suggesting cultural and religious acceptance.

Is that the white privilege we hear about, to be raped by not just the white community but by the Muslim community too?  Where is the white privilege of these girls? Do you think they feel privileged?

Mixed race children are being raised to hate their white parent but brown is celebrated as stunning and brave even exotic. The white side is demonised as gammon, racist, knuckle dragger, colonialist, KKK, Nazi and bigoted!

It’s time to stand with our white brothers and sisters and say we are proud to be white nationalists, proud of our culture, proud of our incredible achievements and proud of our traditions. If every other race is allowed to be proud of being nationalists then it is okay for white people.  That’s equality.

I am proud to be mixed race white and if I don’t speak out what future is there for my children? I don’t want them growing up hating an entire race or a part of themselves.








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  1. Shirley Smith · July 22

    Thank you for your words of wisdom


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