Who is in charge?

“Justice for Chelsey”’ campaigner, Billy Charlton from Sunderland has been jailed for 21 months for ‘stirring up racial hatred.’  As he was sentenced yesterday, 25thSeptember at Newcastle Crown Court, he shouted at the jurors “I hope your daughters don’t get raped.”

Chelsey Wright, a young mother from Sunderland, reported to the police that she was drugged, raped and assaulted by six men from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain. This was reported in the mainstream media and the men were arrested and then released on bail.

Tommy Robinson interviewed Ms Wright, in 2017, and rallies were organised in Sunderland under the banner #JusticeforChelsey.

Ms Wright claims she woke up in strange house with cuts and bruises and that when she was able to escape from that house, she was examined in a sexual assault clinic where forensics discovered two semen samples and traces of Rohypnol, the date rape drug, in her blood.

Ms Wright described the bruises around her groin; her thighs were black and blue, whip marks across the back of her legs.  She had handprints on her neck and a footprint on her back.

The police released the alleged rapists, and no further action has ever been taken.

This injustice is what led Mr Charlton to organise and speak at rallies.

Articles published after his sentencing describe Mr Charlton as a ‘Brexiteer’ ‘hate speaker,’ ‘evil’ ‘vile’ ‘manipulative’ and ‘racist.’


The same online publication a few days earlier reported on the sentencing of rapist Hilario Mendonca who broke into a young woman’s home and raped her. The police had released him just days before this attack for previous attacks on her.  He told the police he was innocent.  They believed him and set him free, allowing him to attack the woman. Again.

Is it any wonder the locals of Sunderland have no faith in the police protecting them?

Compare the article written about Mr Charlton to the article written about the rapist and read how they make out Mr Charlton to be the evil monster.


People are being sent to jail every other day now for stirring up racial or religious hatred. Last month Jay Davison was sentenced to four years in prison for posting on Instagram pictures of himself holding a fake shotgun with the words ‘Heil, heil, heil, fuck Allah cunt.” He posted these on his private account, which were then shared on a WhatsApp group.  Davidson was arrested by armed police and said he was not racist nor did he intend to incite racist hatred.


Four years in jail, arrested by armed police and the jury did not believe the white man.

Now let us compare to the Pakistani men who made a video threatening to sodomise and beat any Muslims who converted to Christianity.

No armed police arrived on their doorstep to arrest them, no charges and no prison sentence for these men for stirring up religious hatred and for threatening to sodomise and attack anyone converting to Christianity.



What influenced those in charge to decide that the video these men made was for private viewing only, and so their threats to rape, sodomise and attack were dismissed and not taken seriously?

What is the difference between the white man and the brown men making threats?  Why are we jailing one and not the others?

And then we have Andrew Clarke, a former member of National Action, an organisation that has been banned under the terrorism legislation, in December 2016. Clarke has been set free after 18 months in prison with no criminal convictions.

I have searched online to find any articles written about what makes a young white man join an organisation deemed so dangerous that the Home Office has banned it.  Where is the outpouring of sympathies for young white men like Clarke who have seen their towns and cities changed beyond recognition because of diversity and multiculturalism.

Or do we only have sympathy when it is brown Muslim girls who up and leave the UK to join ISIS and then regret their decision because they are now in a refugee camp with their husband and children dead and want to return to the country and people they despise?

Shamima Begum has had sympathy from our politicians who believe she was radicalised and should be allowed to return and face no punishment. Much has been written about her and others like her who joined ISIS.  Asking why and what caused them to run off and leave the safety of the UK.  Why are these same people not asking what is causing our white young men and women to join groups?

Why did the Home Office ban National Action yet Hizb ut-Tahrir a group that glorifies terrorism and is banned in many Muslim majority countries is not?

The more I read, the more I am convinced that the lunatics are running the asylum.








  1. Thomas Ellis · October 3

    Shazzia, ISIS is a creation of western intelligence agencies, created to complete a geostrategic plan (see: The Oded Yinon plan, also, Ralph Peters map of the new middle east AKA the map of blood). The people who run the world are psychopaths with an agenda.

    The local politicians cannot understand that the people are becoming alienated from them, and that the entire point of all this mass importing of 3rd world savages is to destroy the systems in the West. When these traitors are about to be hung from lampposts, they will realise their error but alas too late. The world controllers will be happy as this is what they seek. Complete chaos, then order out of chaos.


  2. This is very thought provoking – and scary. The more this lunacy goes on the less I can see it ending well.


  3. Siegfried Stahl · October 8

    Thank you for this overview and for sparing me the pain which comes with prolonged exposure to our Maim-Stream-Press.
    The BirminghamLive article about Jay Davison you linked to ends with a clear admission of the intentions of those in charge.
    A Jenny Hopkins, head of the special crime and counter-terrorism division, enlightens us about the current purpose of our justice system thusly:
    “This is a warning to people that posting material online can have damaging consequences for them offline.”
    No surprise.
    But why, dear commentator, do you conclude your piece with:
    “The more I read, the more I am convinced that the lunatics are running the asylum.”
    Does this do justice to the well-organised subversion that has been going on for decades?
    It seems to me that we have to overcome this idea of “loony leaders” and recognise that we are de facto at war with a formidable enemy whose resources and acumen are not to be underestimated.


  4. Gordon · April 1

    Just a quick reply to this…in
    2002 Colonel Gadaffi said words to this effect.
    “We do not need to go to war with the West.By 2030 we will be staring to outbreed them in their own countries”
    That is worrying…Or it should be.


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