Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Open the papers, switch on the TV, log into your social media accounts and all you will read, hear and see is our so-called politicians crying about either Islamophobia or anti-Semitism.

You would be right in thinking that only these two groups of people matter to our politicians and their gullible voters.

Every day we are being told that this politician has been suspended from the Labour Party for anti-Semitic comments or that group has set up a campaign to have 14 Tory MPs unseated for Islamophobia.

Operation Muslim Vote 2019 – Help Us Unseat 14 Islamophobic MPs/Ministers & Boris Johnson

Now imagine a Christian organisation setting up campaigns to unseat Muslim MPS, mayors and councillors? You can’t, can you?  Neither can I.

Over and over again, day in and day out there is outrage and outcry over ‘hurty words’ or adults being offended by this one saying the Jews control the world and that one saying Islam is evil and not compatible with the West.

Where is the outrage and outcry and non-stop discussion over young white British girls being gang-raped by up to 50 men in one night, being anally raped until the blood is pouring down their legs, being branded, burnt with cigarettes and in some cases even murdered?

Say anything negative or truthful about Israel or Islam though and watch them screech in unison like it is the most evil thing to ever happen in Britain.

In our clown world of politics words, opinions and adults being offended really do matter more than actual damage caused to our children. Damage that many of these children never recover from, damage that they carry with them for a lifetime.

We never hear about Anglophobia or Hinduphobia or even Christianophobia. Why?

Christians are being massacred all over the world, so why are our politicians never mentioning this? Where is the anti-Christianophobia legislation in the UK? Where are the Christian think tanks set up by Christians? Are there any special Christianophobia laws to protect Christians? Is there a Christian Council of Britain or even a Board of Deputies of British Christians?

No to all of the above because we are too busy protecting the Muslims and the Jews from scrutiny. Ask questions mock or ridicule these two groups and demands and petitions will be made to have you fired, and you will be accused of being a Nazi, and your life made hell. All because you dare to have an opinion and are not pro Israel or pro-Islam but actually pro British.

Why have these two words taken over our politics? Why is everything about these two groups of people? For two groups that are supposed to be minorities in the UK, they sure are making a lot of noise. What about other minorities? Where is their voice?

Apostates from Islam don’t fear mean words they actually have to go into hiding from parents and extended family for leaving Islam, which is punishable by death. They go into hiding and are always on the run, terrified that their family will find them. Where are their special laws and special words to protect them?

It’s time to make British politics about Britain. If these two groups think that our country is Islamophobic or there is a growing rise in anti-Semitism, then both groups have a home they can go back to, and I suggest that those people, who are making the most noise, go back. Why stay in a country that you wrongly believe is hostile towards you?



  1. Shirley Smith · December 1

    What can we do about this situation? Discrimination laws only seem to be enforced one way! Our government need to sort this out asap!


  2. WDLady · December 2

    Christians and Jews are the most hated groups (religions) in the world. I don’t see any of this changing any time soon nor in the future. It’s going to get a lot worse and the government isn’t going to help Christians whatsoever. I fear that in the next few decades or so, the government will be hunting down Christians and putting them in concentration camps. It’ll be a dark, bleak future for us all and I’m sad to say this, but that’s what I see coming…


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