Dear Joshua

I would have replied to your article earlier had I been aware of it. It was sent to me last week and usually I chose to ignore the reactions from people over my ‘Hypocrisy’ article, the TR News drama and my questioning of Jews and Judaism, if anything it makes me question even more, but as we were once friends I felt you deserved a reply so here goes.

Many of my online friends with whom I shared family trivia with were shocked and horrified that I would allow you to publish my many articles on your blog, Farhenheit211, as they believed you to be an Islamophobic racist and that I was making ‘foolish choices’ and had gone to ‘the bad.’

Guess what Joshua? I allowed them to have their opinions and I carried on writing and allowing you to publish my articles.

Your website offended them as did your many articles. My Pakistani friends were not happy that you referred to Pakistan as a shit hole. You are entitled to your opinions as they are to theirs and as I am to mine.  And I agreed with your opinion on Islam, Muslims and Pakistan and I still do.

We did not agree on everything, Joshua because there is not one single person in this world that I would agree with on everything.

Let’s be honest you promoted me because I suited the narrative of your blog and website.  As a mixed race woman of Pakistani origin who better to bash Islam and highlight the harmful practices that occur in many Muslim homes across the UK, than me.

You, like many others in the counter jihad or should I say Pro Israel movement never once said a word when I posted images of women in niqabs on a daily basis and referred to them as my Aunty Fatima while mocking and laughing at them.  Aunty Fatima was very much loved on Gab by most of the Brit Gab Fam.

No one said a word when my posts were about Islam, terrorism, Muslim paedophiles, rape gangs, FGM, sharia and forced marriage.

You, along with the others clapped and cheered and said ‘Oh isn’t she brave, this ex Muslim.’ Everyone wanted to be my friend, as long as I stuck to the narrative.

Your attempts at saying my posts on Gab were similar to the ‘anti-Semitic canards’ that you had heard from the National Front while defending your black and brown friends is hilarious and pathetic and that smear is like water off a duck’s back.

What isn’t funny is telling lies.  You lied and said that I claim there is ‘widespread practice where ‘Rabbi’s suck babies penises.’

Nowhere have I stated that it is widespread, I wrote in my Hypocrisy article that this practice exists and it does you cannot deny it.

Is it because I didn’t write ‘Not all Jews do this?’

Not once in the articles I wrote that you published on your blog did I say that ‘Not all Muslim do this.” And not once did you ask me to.  Funny that eh?

Imagine for a minute, Joshua, that there were only a handful of Muslim sects, say in Pakistan where the Imam after circumcising an eight-day-old baby boy sucked the penis or, as you like to say ‘orally removed the blood.‘

Do you think you would have written many articles for your blog as proof of what a shithole Pakistan is?  Be honest Joshua, if you can.

“Unfortunately none of the information that I supplied to her swayed her in anyway.” What way did you want to sway me? Back to only ever bashing Islam and never questioning anything else?

We must never question the Jews otherwise you and others will call us Jew haters yet you continue with your criticism and questioning of Islam and are called a Muslim hater or an Islamophobe.  Do you stop? No, your blog is still up and you still write so why do you think I will stop?

When I write articles about Islam they are wonderful, amazing and need to be read by everyone yet when I write articles questioning the Jews it is ‘guff’ that belongs  ‘in the pages of the 19th/20thcentury fraud the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’  What is this book a forgery of?

Oh no. Shazia Hobbs is turning bad, shut her down but before you shut me down call me a Jew hater another few times incase your readers never caught it the first time.

I left a cult that dictated who I could and could not talk to and if you think for a minute you or any of your counter jihad racist, Muslim hating Islamophobes will tell me who I can or cannot talk to you are mistaken.

Not nice being called names is it, Joshua?

It’s heartbreaking that I ask questions? Heartbreaking that I wont toe the counter jihad line?

The counter jihad want to ban halal.  Do they know it was kosher that paved the way for halal?  They want to ban FGM but do they realise that circumcision paved the way for FGM to be given religious freedom? Do people know when a Jewish woman marries she has to shave her head and wear a tishel? Do they know any of the harmful Jewish practices that go on in the UK?

Do the counter jihad movement not realise that the Jews will protect the Muslims right to continue with their harmful practices because they are some of the most powerful lobbyists in the UK?

Because if you take away Muslim’s right to cultural and religious practices then you remove them from the Jews who had them embedded here well before the Muslims arrived.

I shall tell you what is heartbreaking Joshua, your blatant hypocrisy.


Ms Shazia Hobbs



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