Do you not hear the children weep?

Another day and there is another new story about the latest town where the Pakistani rape gang have been preying on white children, mostly girls.

Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, Halifax, Newcastle, Bradford, Birmingham, Rochdale, Manchester, Peterborough, Bristol and Aylesbury to name a few of the towns and cities.

1400 children, 6000 children, 19000 children, 1 million children, how many more children need to be raped, tortured and murdered until you hear them cry out in pain?

You do not hear them weep? Crying till they fall asleep only for the abuse to start again when they wake up. A nightmare from which there is no escape.

You cry for the fictional characters in your favourite soap opera, the fictional characters that have been raped, abused or killed off.  You spend days at work, on the phone and posting on social media about how devastated you are.  Discussing with your family and friends until the next drama unfolds in your soap opera.

Men cry and weep over their football team losing to their rivals. Men, get drunk and get angry at each other over a game of football but their anger is nowhere to be seen at the systematic gang rape of children all across this land.

We have a massive problem with Pakistani men raping white underage girls in towns and cities across the UK.

It’s okay to say white girls are being raped by Pakistani men.

Don’t let them tell you it’s racist and don’t let them fool you into believing these girls are choosing to live a life of relentless abuse and rape. The Pakistani men are the racist ones, targeting white girls because of their hatred of white people.

We know why they do it, the Pakistani rapists tell us time and time again through the stories from the survivors.

‘White trash,’ ‘gori whore,’ ‘English slut,’ ‘dirty, white bitch.’

And we hear it from the mouth of the rapists – ‘English girls are only good for fucking.’

Time and time again we hear excuses for why these Pakistani men are raping white underage girls. If it’s not misogyny it’s poverty that is being used to excuse what these beasts are doing. Instead of admitting that they hate white women and girls and view them as ‘easy, loose and with no morals.’

I recently listened to a speech from 2018, given in the House of Lords by Steven Croft a Church of England bishop about how he visited Muslim families in Rotherham in the wake of the Jay Report and how upset the Muslim children were at the names they were called and how he would not repeat these awful names.

I wonder did he visit the white working class families in Rotherham, families whose daughters at the age of 11 were gang raped, vaginally and anally raped while the blood was pouring down their legs?  Girls who were raped at gunpoint, girls who were called  ‘white slags,’ while being brutally raped, beaten and tortured.

Did he visit those families to provide words of comfort to them or do they not matter to the Church either?

Or do children only matter to the church when they are abusing, raping and sodomising them?

Mass rape of white girls by Pakistani men and the mainstream media report is as ‘girls had sex with,’ ’12 year old girl had 5 lovers,’ and use images of girls wearing short skirts as though to imply they were somehow asking to be gang raped.  Never focusing on the fact that the age of consent is 16 and that these children were raped.

Mass rape of white girls and the police force and safe guarding agencies stay silent, look the other way and allow the rape and brutality against children because they know the rapists are Pakistani and do not want to cause racial tension.

Mass rape of white girls and our politicians are too busy being outraged over Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

Mass rape of white girls and the general public are too preoccupied with their favourite celebrities life, soap opera and football results to hear the children screaming.

What will it take to wake you up?  Will it be when they come for your children and you wonder why no one can hear them weep?


















  1. mo · January 21

    What to do?


    • Sandy Tatham · January 23

      I try and educate everyone, including Muslims, about Islam. There are many online platforms to do this on, and the internet is to Islam as the printing press was to Christianity. I also travel in Muslim-majority countries and do my best to enlighten the men (its difficult to get access to the women) with a fairly practical discussion about the Islamic texts.


  2. Sandy Tatham · January 22

    This is an absolute tragedy. I wish more people would educate themselves about the ideological basis for sexual abuse in Islam. Please watch this video where theology expert, Dr Mark Durie, explains everything:

    Thankfully the majority of Muslims do not follow the fundamentals of Islam. They have better morals and ethics than Allah and Mohammed in the 7th century.


    • Phil · January 22

      Do they? The majority of Muslim men are involved in this. And their women folk usually agree that white females are trash.


      • Sandy Tatham · January 23

        I agree. Maybe I was being a bit too generous… or hopeful? I do have firsthand experience of the fact that sexual abuse of non-Muslim women can be triggered at any time. Muslim men will turn it on, or off, depending whether they are a position of perceived superiority or whether they need to bide their time.


  3. gordy616 · March 31

    Very insightful piece of writing highlighting,amongst other things,the complete empathy disconnect between the Established Churches in the U.K. and the real victims in this.
    It is NOT offensive to call out these rape gangs. It is also not acceptable to ignore and demonise the victim’s because you don’t want to offend the perpetrators or the community they belong to and are afforded protection by.
    If this was gangs of Caucasian meN raping young Asian girls there certainly would be the reluctance to break up and prosecute them.
    The usual lefty liberal groups would be demanding the strictest of punishment while shaming the culture of the perpetrators.
    Why won’t they do this when these girls are the victims?
    They should be called out at every opportunity and their crass hypocrisy rammed back in their faces.


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