Do you not hear the children weep?

Another day and there is another new story about the latest town where the Pakistani rape gang have been preying on white children, mostly girls.

Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, Halifax, Newcastle, Bradford, Birmingham, Rochdale, Manchester, Peterborough, Bristol and Aylesbury to name a few of the towns and cities.

1400 children, 6000 children, 19000 children, 1 million children, how many more children need to be raped, tortured and murdered until you hear them cry out in pain?

You do not hear them weep? Crying till they fall asleep only for the abuse to start again when they wake up. A nightmare from which there is no escape.

You cry for the fictional characters in your favourite soap opera, the fictional characters that have been raped, abused or killed off.  You spend days at work, on the phone and posting on social media about how devastated you are.  Discussing with your family and friends until the next drama unfolds in your soap opera.

Men cry and weep over their football team losing to their rivals. Men, get drunk and get angry at each other over a game of football but their anger is nowhere to be seen at the systematic gang rape of children all across this land.

We have a massive problem with Pakistani men raping white underage girls in towns and cities across the UK.

It’s okay to say white girls are being raped by Pakistani men.

Don’t let them tell you it’s racist and don’t let them fool you into believing these girls are choosing to live a life of relentless abuse and rape. The Pakistani men are the racist ones, targeting white girls because of their hatred of white people.

We know why they do it, the Pakistani rapists tell us time and time again through the stories from the survivors.

‘White trash,’ ‘gori whore,’ ‘English slut,’ ‘dirty, white bitch.’

And we hear it from the mouth of the rapists – ‘English girls are only good for fucking.’

Time and time again we hear excuses for why these Pakistani men are raping white underage girls. If it’s not misogyny it’s poverty that is being used to excuse what these beasts are doing. Instead of admitting that they hate white women and girls and view them as ‘easy, loose and with no morals.’

I recently listened to a speech from 2018, given in the House of Lords by Steven Croft a Church of England bishop about how he visited Muslim families in Rotherham in the wake of the Jay Report and how upset the Muslim children were at the names they were called and how he would not repeat these awful names.

I wonder did he visit the white working class families in Rotherham, families whose daughters at the age of 11 were gang raped, vaginally and anally raped while the blood was pouring down their legs?  Girls who were raped at gunpoint, girls who were called  ‘white slags,’ while being brutally raped, beaten and tortured.

Did he visit those families to provide words of comfort to them or do they not matter to the Church either?

Or do children only matter to the church when they are abusing, raping and sodomising them?

Mass rape of white girls by Pakistani men and the mainstream media report is as ‘girls had sex with,’ ’12 year old girl had 5 lovers,’ and use images of girls wearing short skirts as though to imply they were somehow asking to be gang raped.  Never focusing on the fact that the age of consent is 16 and that these children were raped.

Mass rape of white girls and the police force and safe guarding agencies stay silent, look the other way and allow the rape and brutality against children because they know the rapists are Pakistani and do not want to cause racial tension.

Mass rape of white girls and our politicians are too busy being outraged over Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

Mass rape of white girls and the general public are too preoccupied with their favourite celebrities life, soap opera and football results to hear the children screaming.

What will it take to wake you up?  Will it be when they come for your children and you wonder why no one can hear them weep?


















Dear Joshua

I would have replied to your article earlier had I been aware of it. It was sent to me last week and usually I chose to ignore the reactions from people over my ‘Hypocrisy’ article, the TR News drama and my questioning of Jews and Judaism, if anything it makes me question even more, but as we were once friends I felt you deserved a reply so here goes.

Many of my online friends with whom I shared family trivia with were shocked and horrified that I would allow you to publish my many articles on your blog, Farhenheit211, as they believed you to be an Islamophobic racist and that I was making ‘foolish choices’ and had gone to ‘the bad.’

Guess what Joshua? I allowed them to have their opinions and I carried on writing and allowing you to publish my articles.

Your website offended them as did your many articles. My Pakistani friends were not happy that you referred to Pakistan as a shit hole. You are entitled to your opinions as they are to theirs and as I am to mine.  And I agreed with your opinion on Islam, Muslims and Pakistan and I still do.

We did not agree on everything, Joshua because there is not one single person in this world that I would agree with on everything.

Let’s be honest you promoted me because I suited the narrative of your blog and website.  As a mixed race woman of Pakistani origin who better to bash Islam and highlight the harmful practices that occur in many Muslim homes across the UK, than me.

You, like many others in the counter jihad or should I say Pro Israel movement never once said a word when I posted images of women in niqabs on a daily basis and referred to them as my Aunty Fatima while mocking and laughing at them.  Aunty Fatima was very much loved on Gab by most of the Brit Gab Fam.

No one said a word when my posts were about Islam, terrorism, Muslim paedophiles, rape gangs, FGM, sharia and forced marriage.

You, along with the others clapped and cheered and said ‘Oh isn’t she brave, this ex Muslim.’ Everyone wanted to be my friend, as long as I stuck to the narrative.

Your attempts at saying my posts on Gab were similar to the ‘anti-Semitic canards’ that you had heard from the National Front while defending your black and brown friends is hilarious and pathetic and that smear is like water off a duck’s back.

What isn’t funny is telling lies.  You lied and said that I claim there is ‘widespread practice where ‘Rabbi’s suck babies penises.’

Nowhere have I stated that it is widespread, I wrote in my Hypocrisy article that this practice exists and it does you cannot deny it.

Is it because I didn’t write ‘Not all Jews do this?’

Not once in the articles I wrote that you published on your blog did I say that ‘Not all Muslim do this.” And not once did you ask me to.  Funny that eh?

Imagine for a minute, Joshua, that there were only a handful of Muslim sects, say in Pakistan where the Imam after circumcising an eight-day-old baby boy sucked the penis or, as you like to say ‘orally removed the blood.‘

Do you think you would have written many articles for your blog as proof of what a shithole Pakistan is?  Be honest Joshua, if you can.

“Unfortunately none of the information that I supplied to her swayed her in anyway.” What way did you want to sway me? Back to only ever bashing Islam and never questioning anything else?

We must never question the Jews otherwise you and others will call us Jew haters yet you continue with your criticism and questioning of Islam and are called a Muslim hater or an Islamophobe.  Do you stop? No, your blog is still up and you still write so why do you think I will stop?

When I write articles about Islam they are wonderful, amazing and need to be read by everyone yet when I write articles questioning the Jews it is ‘guff’ that belongs  ‘in the pages of the 19th/20thcentury fraud the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’  What is this book a forgery of?

Oh no. Shazia Hobbs is turning bad, shut her down but before you shut me down call me a Jew hater another few times incase your readers never caught it the first time.

I left a cult that dictated who I could and could not talk to and if you think for a minute you or any of your counter jihad racist, Muslim hating Islamophobes will tell me who I can or cannot talk to you are mistaken.

Not nice being called names is it, Joshua?

It’s heartbreaking that I ask questions? Heartbreaking that I wont toe the counter jihad line?

The counter jihad want to ban halal.  Do they know it was kosher that paved the way for halal?  They want to ban FGM but do they realise that circumcision paved the way for FGM to be given religious freedom? Do people know when a Jewish woman marries she has to shave her head and wear a tishel? Do they know any of the harmful Jewish practices that go on in the UK?

Do the counter jihad movement not realise that the Jews will protect the Muslims right to continue with their harmful practices because they are some of the most powerful lobbyists in the UK?

Because if you take away Muslim’s right to cultural and religious practices then you remove them from the Jews who had them embedded here well before the Muslims arrived.

I shall tell you what is heartbreaking Joshua, your blatant hypocrisy.


Ms Shazia Hobbs



Protecting children from the dark side of the Internet

I read an article when my daughter was just a newborn baby that we would be the first generation of parents who would need to have a talk with our children about porn, and I remember being shocked by it.

Even though I was shocked I put it to the back of my mind as my baby was tiny and the Internet and allowing her access to it was not something that was going to be happening anytime soon.

Before I knew it was soon, my baby was growing up and her friends were allowed to have phones. As much as I would have preferred not to have given her a phone, at the same time, I didn’t want her to be the only one in her class and group of friends that was without one.

Keeping her as safe as possible was my priority, so I disabled Safari from the phone and explained to her why.  I told her that there were things on there that were not suitable for her to be viewing at her age.

Like many other people of my generation, when I was young, the TV was our babysitter and parents all across the land would leave their children in front of it while they busied themselves elsewhere.

The TV compared to the Internet was a lot safer as no nudity or porn was shown.

Today the Internet is the babysitter and children are allowed to take their smartphones, tablets and laptops into their bedroom where they can and do access anything they want with no supervision from their parents.

Are parents really that uninformed or are they too busy with life, work and themselves that they do not realise the dangers of allowing unrestricted access to the web?

Adults access porn, and I am sure many parents do too, so why would they think their children won’t? Do they trust their children enough to believe that they are not accessing adult content?

Peer pressure has meant that I have allowed my daughter to have certain social media accounts. Again this is something I wish she didn’t have to be on, but once more the cries of ‘ALL my friends are on it,’ and not wanting her to be the odd one out has meant reluctantly giving in.

There are rules to having these social media accounts and one is that I check her phone every night and read messages, look at her activity but even with my attempts at keeping her safe from the online porn, it still manages to try and encourage my daughter to view it.

Messages from people or accounts she does not follow appear in her ‘other’ inbox, which she rarely clicks on, and when I check I am able to delete the messages from PornHub inviting her to click and view their pictures.

How many children, boys and girls, are clicking and viewing? Frightening to think of so many young children watching content meant for adults and unable to talk to their parents about what they are seeing.

Not only does the PornHub account send her invites, but random accounts also send her messages telling her to join groups for sharing ‘sex pictures.’
I have had the porn talk with my daughter and in an ideal world this kind of talk would not exist.  Sadly it does though.  I have explained to her that it is my job to protect her from looking at things that she may find disturbing and that her brain may not understand and that when she is an adult if she chooses to watch people having sex that is her choice.

Young children viewing porn is not healthy for them, their relationships or society.

There are young boys in primary school staying up late into the night watching porn and then going into school the next day and abusing the youngest children in school.  There are many articles available online, and these are not isolated incidents.

There is also an increase in videos and images where children are abused and raped being viewed online.  Is this increase because of young children and teenagers viewing it?  Is this why there is an increase in children sexually abusing other children?

If only Great Britain could be like Israel and put the safety and well-being of our children first. We need to protect them from the harmful adult content on the Internet and place a ban on it being allowed in homes.

It shouldn’t take studies or research to know that viewing online porn harms our children, destroys their innocence and leaves them with a warped sense of how relationships should be. Yet we have allowed a generation of children to grow up viewing porn with little to no safeguarding in place.

It’s time for parents to wake up and protect their children because no one else will do it for you.



















Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Open the papers, switch on the TV, log into your social media accounts and all you will read, hear and see is our so-called politicians crying about either Islamophobia or anti-Semitism.

You would be right in thinking that only these two groups of people matter to our politicians and their gullible voters.

Every day we are being told that this politician has been suspended from the Labour Party for anti-Semitic comments or that group has set up a campaign to have 14 Tory MPs unseated for Islamophobia.

Operation Muslim Vote 2019 – Help Us Unseat 14 Islamophobic MPs/Ministers & Boris Johnson

Now imagine a Christian organisation setting up campaigns to unseat Muslim MPS, mayors and councillors? You can’t, can you?  Neither can I.

Over and over again, day in and day out there is outrage and outcry over ‘hurty words’ or adults being offended by this one saying the Jews control the world and that one saying Islam is evil and not compatible with the West.

Where is the outrage and outcry and non-stop discussion over young white British girls being gang-raped by up to 50 men in one night, being anally raped until the blood is pouring down their legs, being branded, burnt with cigarettes and in some cases even murdered?

Say anything negative or truthful about Israel or Islam though and watch them screech in unison like it is the most evil thing to ever happen in Britain.

In our clown world of politics words, opinions and adults being offended really do matter more than actual damage caused to our children. Damage that many of these children never recover from, damage that they carry with them for a lifetime.

We never hear about Anglophobia or Hinduphobia or even Christianophobia. Why?

Christians are being massacred all over the world, so why are our politicians never mentioning this? Where is the anti-Christianophobia legislation in the UK? Where are the Christian think tanks set up by Christians? Are there any special Christianophobia laws to protect Christians? Is there a Christian Council of Britain or even a Board of Deputies of British Christians?

No to all of the above because we are too busy protecting the Muslims and the Jews from scrutiny. Ask questions mock or ridicule these two groups and demands and petitions will be made to have you fired, and you will be accused of being a Nazi, and your life made hell. All because you dare to have an opinion and are not pro Israel or pro-Islam but actually pro British.

Why have these two words taken over our politics? Why is everything about these two groups of people? For two groups that are supposed to be minorities in the UK, they sure are making a lot of noise. What about other minorities? Where is their voice?

Apostates from Islam don’t fear mean words they actually have to go into hiding from parents and extended family for leaving Islam, which is punishable by death. They go into hiding and are always on the run, terrified that their family will find them. Where are their special laws and special words to protect them?

It’s time to make British politics about Britain. If these two groups think that our country is Islamophobic or there is a growing rise in anti-Semitism, then both groups have a home they can go back to, and I suggest that those people, who are making the most noise, go back. Why stay in a country that you wrongly believe is hostile towards you?


Who is in charge?

“Justice for Chelsey”’ campaigner, Billy Charlton from Sunderland has been jailed for 21 months for ‘stirring up racial hatred.’  As he was sentenced yesterday, 25thSeptember at Newcastle Crown Court, he shouted at the jurors “I hope your daughters don’t get raped.”

Chelsey Wright, a young mother from Sunderland, reported to the police that she was drugged, raped and assaulted by six men from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain. This was reported in the mainstream media and the men were arrested and then released on bail.

Tommy Robinson interviewed Ms Wright, in 2017, and rallies were organised in Sunderland under the banner #JusticeforChelsey.

Ms Wright claims she woke up in strange house with cuts and bruises and that when she was able to escape from that house, she was examined in a sexual assault clinic where forensics discovered two semen samples and traces of Rohypnol, the date rape drug, in her blood.

Ms Wright described the bruises around her groin; her thighs were black and blue, whip marks across the back of her legs.  She had handprints on her neck and a footprint on her back.

The police released the alleged rapists, and no further action has ever been taken.

This injustice is what led Mr Charlton to organise and speak at rallies.

Articles published after his sentencing describe Mr Charlton as a ‘Brexiteer’ ‘hate speaker,’ ‘evil’ ‘vile’ ‘manipulative’ and ‘racist.’

The same online publication a few days earlier reported on the sentencing of rapist Hilario Mendonca who broke into a young woman’s home and raped her. The police had released him just days before this attack for previous attacks on her.  He told the police he was innocent.  They believed him and set him free, allowing him to attack the woman. Again.

Is it any wonder the locals of Sunderland have no faith in the police protecting them?

Compare the article written about Mr Charlton to the article written about the rapist and read how they make out Mr Charlton to be the evil monster.

People are being sent to jail every other day now for stirring up racial or religious hatred. Last month Jay Davison was sentenced to four years in prison for posting on Instagram pictures of himself holding a fake shotgun with the words ‘Heil, heil, heil, fuck Allah cunt.” He posted these on his private account, which were then shared on a WhatsApp group.  Davidson was arrested by armed police and said he was not racist nor did he intend to incite racist hatred.

Four years in jail, arrested by armed police and the jury did not believe the white man.

Now let us compare to the Pakistani men who made a video threatening to sodomise and beat any Muslims who converted to Christianity.

No armed police arrived on their doorstep to arrest them, no charges and no prison sentence for these men for stirring up religious hatred and for threatening to sodomise and attack anyone converting to Christianity.


What influenced those in charge to decide that the video these men made was for private viewing only, and so their threats to rape, sodomise and attack were dismissed and not taken seriously?

What is the difference between the white man and the brown men making threats?  Why are we jailing one and not the others?

And then we have Andrew Clarke, a former member of National Action, an organisation that has been banned under the terrorism legislation, in December 2016. Clarke has been set free after 18 months in prison with no criminal convictions.

I have searched online to find any articles written about what makes a young white man join an organisation deemed so dangerous that the Home Office has banned it.  Where is the outpouring of sympathies for young white men like Clarke who have seen their towns and cities changed beyond recognition because of diversity and multiculturalism.

Or do we only have sympathy when it is brown Muslim girls who up and leave the UK to join ISIS and then regret their decision because they are now in a refugee camp with their husband and children dead and want to return to the country and people they despise?

Shamima Begum has had sympathy from our politicians who believe she was radicalised and should be allowed to return and face no punishment. Much has been written about her and others like her who joined ISIS.  Asking why and what caused them to run off and leave the safety of the UK.  Why are these same people not asking what is causing our white young men and women to join groups?

Why did the Home Office ban National Action yet Hizb ut-Tahrir a group that glorifies terrorism and is banned in many Muslim majority countries is not?

The more I read, the more I am convinced that the lunatics are running the asylum.








I had vaguely heard of Alison Chabloz and never really looked into whom she was or what she had done to have her freedom of speech taken away.

At the end of June of this year, her yearlong ban from posting on social media was up, and she began posting on her Facebook and Gab accounts.

I followed Alison, on Gab, and she followed me back. We exchanged some emails, and then I invited her onto my Hobbservation for the Nation show to allow her to share her story with a wider audience.

Her story interested me because I am a believer in freedom of speech, and clearly, her freedom had been taken from her. I don’t think I had ever heard of anyone who had been banned by law from posting on social media.  Yes, there are many of us who have been suspended from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some of us even had YouTube channels shut down or restricted, but we can and have created new accounts to evade the suspensions.

What had happened to Alison was different.  A judge in a courtroom in the UK had removed her freedom of speech.

Alison Chabloz sang a song that was deemed offensive to some people and Campaign Against Anti-Semitism took out a private prosecution against Alison and just like Muslims who demand action over something they see as offensive, this group managed to get the Crown Prosecution Service to take over the case.

The song is satire Alison sings about the Holocaust and compares it to a theme park; you may not find it funny, so the best thing to do would be not to listen.

As far as I am aware we have no laws in this country that say we must believe in the Holocaust or we will be sent to jail.

In May 2018 Chabloz was convicted at Westminster Magistrates’ Court for hate crime and sentenced to 20 weeks imprisonment.  This sentence was suspended for two years, and she was also banned from posting on social media for 12 months.

On Monday 23rdSeptember at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court Chabloz was sent to prison for eight weeks and ordered to pay £170 in court costs, for breaching the terms of her suspended sentence and publishing on her blog.  Chabloz does not believe that her blog counts as social media.

All of you applauding and cheering that Chabloz has been sent to prison for hate crime against Jewish people because she sang songs that were deemed offensive should think long and hard about what has been allowed to happen.

Already there are Muslim groups who are trying to make it illegal to be an Islamophobe and to mock Islam.  The next time you are at a counter jihad event and you are chanting, “Mohammed was a paedophile!” you too might get done for hate crime.

By saying that you believe the prophet of Islam was not a peaceful man and that he was a bloodthirsty warmonger and child rapist, you too may get accused of hurting the feelings of a protected group and end up being imprisoned.

It’s OK to say Jesus was a cross-dresser, share memes of him smoking spliffs and say his mother Mary was a whore though and no one will take out a private prosecution against you for hate crime.

Always remember when we give free rein to a small group of people it means we need to give free rein to the larger group.


Alison’s solicitor is making a bail application for her release meanwhile please write to her at –

New Hall Women’s Prison

5 New Hall Way



W Yorks



Stand up, speak out

“This isn’t about my kids, yeah, this battle is about every single child.  If there’s going to be a battle then let it be me and not my son.” – Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson has over a period of time managed to galvanise an amazing crowd of people, people who care about their country, people who care about stopping the rape of their children and people who believed they were going to make a difference by joining this movement, the people’s movement.

They believed they were going to make a difference by getting justice for the victims/survivors of the rape jihad and hold all those who failed them to account.  And some thought they were making a difference by donating money, which they wrongly believed was given to the victims and survivors.

Since the UK Against Hate event which was held in June 2017, in Manchester, the movement has grown from galvanising a crowd of around 5000 to the first Free Tommy event held in June 2018, in London where there was an estimated crowd of around 10,000 people in attendance.

These events have always been peaceful, well as peaceful as they can be with such large crowds.

The UK Against Hate in Manchester was the first time there was such a huge crowd, the chants of ‘Oh Tommy, Tommy’ could be heard and the atmosphere was electric.  I was there in the heart of that crowd, and I felt safe.  We were kettled and made to walk alongside the counter-protest who were throwing bottles and still the message was loud and clear – ‘Do not retaliate, do not fight.’ It was a peaceful and silent walk in memory of all those who had lost their lives in the Manchester Arena bombing.

When the event was over, Tommy again asked the crowds not to cause any trouble.

At the first Free Tommy event, in June last year, Kevin Carroll urged the crowd to make their way home peacefully, to cause no trouble and to remember that their behaviour was in Tommy’s name.  The majority of the crowd listened and made their way from the event without causing any shame to the movement or to Tommy’s name.  As I said, there is always a small number that behaves like thugs.

It is very important to bear in mind that Tommy has always called for peaceful demonstrations.

So what happened at this year’s Free Tommy event, on Saturday 3rdAugust?

Where was the message of it being peaceful and no fighting?  Where was the announcement that how you behave is a reflection on Tommy and will bring shame on the movement?  Where was the massive crowd of thousands that always turn out to support Tommy?

Nowhere it seems.  People are waking up.

I have spoken to many people who attended and who left after the first two speakers had given their speeches.  The usual happy atmosphere they had experienced was not there at this event.  They felt it was charged with an underlying threat of violence.  That is not what Tommy has spent the last two years building, and that is not what the movement is about.

There are far too many people in the movement staying silent while knowing how damaged it has become.  Staying silent because they are too scared to speak out for fear of being ostracised or harassed. Staying silent because they are PayPal patriots.  You know who you are and if you cared about Tommy, and if you cared about the movement, you would not stay silent.  You would speak out because only by speaking out can it be fixed.

I won’t stay silent.  I am speaking out.

To blame me for the division in the movement is pathetic. The division has been there for a while.  People are sickened by what they are seeing, the hangers-on all wanting to get a seat on the top of the party bus.

The bus that was supposed to be driven into towns and cities where the rape jihad had been ignored and the Rape of Britain documentary, which was to be shown on screens on the side of the bus, has instead become a party bus and everyone is welcome on board.

No security checks or any vetting, which has meant that what goes on in the bus, has most definitely not stayed on the bus.

We all are aware of what happens at parties, and the party bus is no different.

The people who have reached out to me and told me what they saw on that bus has really made them question what the movement has become.

“It was about highlighting the rape of our girls; it was about the Islamification of our country and how we take steps to tackle these issues. It was never about attacking the police.  I saw a policeman’s head spilt wide open when someone from our side threw a bottle at him.  I saw a random cyclist get smacked, for no reason.  And I saw fights, our side fighting each other because they were so drunk they didn’t even realise and wrongly assumed they were Antifa.”

The rape of our children is why I joined the movement. It’s why I risked alienating online and real life friends by sharing a platform with Tommy. I was called a racist, a bigot and a Nazi for doing so.  I didn’t care because raising awareness and highlighting the abuse of children, especially in the Muslim community, was far more important than any label they smeared me with.  Tommy was highlighting the rape jihad, and the rape of white children and I chose to speak about the Muslim children who were also victims.

It’s not wrong to ask what the movement has done for the victims and survivors. It’s not wrong to ask where is their crowdfunding, donations, or documentary. And it’s not wrong to speak out about those who are actually damaging the movement regardless of whether Tommy is in jail or not.

No matter what they tell you, Tommy will be ashamed of Saturday’s “Free Tommy” circus.




Since time began humans have committed wrong doings regardless of what race they belong to, what colour their skin is or what religion they choose to follow. It is human nature to be tribal, to survive – this is coded deep in our DNA back to caveman times.

The utopia of everyone living together in harmony is an impossible dream because it counters nature – this is merely a scientific fact.  From a very local level (local football teams despising each other, neighbours bickering), through to north/south divides through to global politics, we are born to stay with who we know and trust and regard ‘others’ as a threat.

However, only the white race is made to feel guilt for the sins of their ancestors and only the white race is accused of being ‘privileged’.  This is based on old power structures and on older white men who were making decisions developing much of the world.  Who were these old white men that mean the white race must now suffer for their misdeeds, but not be celebrated for their immeasurable successes?

I am proud to be mixed race white and I believe that I must defend my white side, which seems to be taking a hammering from all sides. There are more than enough people defending the Pakistani side.

Growing up mixed race in a time when there were few mixed race people was difficult and I experienced racism from both sides.

The Pakistani side never accepted me and for them I would always be the ‘white woman’s daughter’ and on the white side I would have a hard time for being brown.  In my experience it was worse from the Pakistani side than the white side.

My white side is more accepting and they see beyond my skin colour and my Pakistani father. Of course there are some who see me as a half-breed, sand nigger or mud.  Just more labels to add to the ones I already heard and was called while I was growing up. I am a reminder to them of their race being slowly eradicated.

Thankfully apart from on social media I rarely meet people like that in real life.

The Pakistani side is VERY racist and this racism is something we never talk about because ONLY white people can be racist, right?

Many Pakistanis use the word ‘gori’ when talking about white women, gori means fair skin but is often used to imply white women are easy, loose and with no morals.

It is common for Pakistanis to loathe black people more than they do the white people, and many Pakistanis would prefer their children to marry a white person than a black one.

But again that is something we never hear or talk about.

Pakistanis are jealous of what the white race has achieved. They have been in the UK since the 60s and have been sending their remittance back home. Yet back home is mainly still a shit hole, there is no significant industry, no roads, and no decent infrastructure.  There are however massive mansions dotted across the barren landscape, as corruption is rife.

Many men do not work; instead they lounge about all day waiting for the remittance to arrive or the visa to allow them entry into the UK, the racist UK, where they can marry their first cousin.  Their first cousin who is taken out of school, not allowed to finish her education to become a baby-making machine.  The UK allows this but yes this is a racist country. How odd for such a terrible country, people from all round the world cross Europe to get here.

In Great Britain our councillors and MPs are encouraged to have pride in the flag of Pakistan and they happily pose, alongside Pakistani MPS and councillors, for pictures while the flag is being waved.

These same people claim that the flag of England is racist as is the Union Jack flag. Everyone can have pride in their flag but not the white British people.  If British people have pride then they are shamed. Even the Scottish nationalists are not talked about in the same terms as the English nationalists.

A Muslim woman wearing the Union Jack as a hijab is viewed as empowering while a white pregnant woman waving the Union Jack flag was taken to one side because a Pakistani man felt insulted.  So it is now a symbol of oppression as the poor Muslims are frightened by it, yet it doesn’t, of course, stop them coming to the UK in huge numbers.

Great Britain is the least racist country and, is in my opinion, far too tolerant.  We opened our country to mass immigration and many areas have been turned into a shit hole.  Many Muslims refuse to integrate while many more refuse to work.  The burden on British taxpayers is in the billions per annum, with up to 75% of Muslim women on benefits.

The Muslim Defence League (MDL) was given a police escort in Oldham, where they marched to a political rally to throw bricks and stones at white families.  Incredibly the police didn’t prevent this happening. The police claim it was a counter protest but there wasn’t a protest taking place for them to counter, and neither did they have any banners or placards, just face coverings, eggs, bricks and bottles.

Compare this to the police treatment of white people at the ‘Free Tommy’ events in the summer of last year where they used batons and charged at white British people for far less than the actions of the MDL.

I guess that is the white privilege we hear so much about.

We hear of a racist Muslim man who spat at a white 9-month old baby and escapes prison because he is classed as mentally ill.

We hear of a white man who leaves bacon outside the mosque, is sentenced to 12 months in jail, and dies in prison.

White men are raping white girls; the caring left constantly reminds us that the majority of paedophiles and rapists are white.  This is true but they are typically in isolation and reviled by their community and society.  Gangs of Muslim men are raping white girls, often in large groups, including family members – suggesting cultural and religious acceptance.

Is that the white privilege we hear about, to be raped by not just the white community but by the Muslim community too?  Where is the white privilege of these girls? Do you think they feel privileged?

Mixed race children are being raised to hate their white parent but brown is celebrated as stunning and brave even exotic. The white side is demonised as gammon, racist, knuckle dragger, colonialist, KKK, Nazi and bigoted!

It’s time to stand with our white brothers and sisters and say we are proud to be white nationalists, proud of our culture, proud of our incredible achievements and proud of our traditions. If every other race is allowed to be proud of being nationalists then it is okay for white people.  That’s equality.

I am proud to be mixed race white and if I don’t speak out what future is there for my children? I don’t want them growing up hating an entire race or a part of themselves.








Frankfurt School Theory

Until a few years ago I had never heard of the Frankfurt School Theory and so I am not surprised at the amount of people who have also never heard of it. Unless you go to university where it is drummed into students (the positive elements), chances are you won’t have heard of it either.

Everyone should familiarise themselves with it though and those who are aware of it should educate others on it.

So what is Frankfurt School Theory and how did it come about?  A little background is important but I will focus mainly on the 11 points that make up the theory, some say created to destroy the west and create a new world order.

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia failed to sweep a Worker’s Revolution into Europe and the USA and so a meeting was organised to discuss why this had failed.  The Bolsheviks were a Jewish sect.

Conservative author Ralp de Toledano (1916-2007) described this as “a meeting more harmful to Western civilisation than the Bolshevik Revolution itself.”

In the summer of 1924, after being attacked for his writings, George Lukas, a Jewish Hungarian aristocrat and son of a banker moved to Germany where he chaired the first meeting of communist orientated sociologists.  This meeting would lead to the foundation of the Frankfurt School.

Felix Weil born to a wealthy Jewish family in Argentina graduated with doctoral degree in political science.  He became interested in socialism and Marxism.

Carl Grunberg was the Institutes Jewish director from 1923-1929 and was an avowed Marxist.

In 1930 Max Horkheimer took control and believed Marx’s theory should be the basis of Institute’s research.

Then Hitler came into power and the Institute closed, so they fled to USA and ended up as academics at major universities.

People will always argue for and defend their own.  Even those who claim to be for human rights wont question the rot at the heart of their own communities.  They will argue with facts because the facts hurt their feelings. They try to ignore that facts don’t care about their feelings.

There are some people that say Frankfurt School theory is a tin foil hat conspiracy, yet the facts are there in black and white.  There are 11 points and every one of them can be ticked off so make of that what you will.

Creation of racism offences

 The creation of racism offences in the west protects only the minorities, brown and black people.  White people are the racists and no one can ever be racist towards them.

“The Board has been at the forefront of the development of proposals for race legislation in the UK.  It has also sought allies and made common cause with other religious and minority groups. The Board played a fundamental part urging upon government in the first race relations act.” – Board of Deputies of British Jews – 1998.

We can see this every day where minorities are not prosecuted for hate crimes.  One of the many examples is the rape of white girls by mainly Pakistani heritage men. Even when these girls have been raped and called white slags and subjected to the most barbaric of violence it is still not classed as a hate crime. But when these girls retaliate and call the savages ‘pakis’ the girls are threatened with prosecution for hate crime.

To repeat, the barbaric brutal gang rape of an 11-year-old girl while calling her a white slag is not prosecuted as hate crime, yet those same girls calling the beasts ‘pakis’ is a hate crime.

Continual change to create confusion

 Men are women and women are men.  Women are called CIS women and men who think they are women are called trans. If men don’t want to date a woman with a penis and if lesbians don’t want to date a man with boobs then they are transphobes.

Children as young as two years old ‘know’ they are born the wrong sex even though children as young as two don’t even know what they want for dinner.

If you misgender someone you can expect a visit from the police but if you download images of children being abused you can carry on safe in the knowledge that the police are too busy chasing people for mean words on the internet.

Up is down, left is right and wrong is right.

 The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

 This for me is one of the most sinister and disgusting points on this plan and if you have children and are aware you will know that this is happening in education.  Children as young as ten years old are being shown videos of women giving birth, cartoons of men and women having sex.

No child of ten needs to see this.  Ever.  And there is no argument you can have which will convince me otherwise.

The recent ‘trannies reading stories to toddlers’ phenomenon so that they can grow up to be non judgemental is also bullshit. Trannies tend to be asleep all day and out partying all night so unless these toddlers are being taken to clubs they will not be seeing any of them.  The whole thing stinks of degeneracy and the sexualisation of children is blatantly obvious.  And worrying.

Children should be kept innocent for as long as possible and this trend just destroys their innocence earlier.

Undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

 There is little to no respect for teachers and authority with children being disruptive and some not even attending class. Teachers are unable to control the children in their care and in many cases are frightened of the children, especially in high schools where some teachers are only a few years older than the students.

Huge immigration to destroy identity

Mass immigration occurred in the 60s with South Asians, then the 80s with Iraqis and Kurds and now we see it with the Somalians and Syrians.  All of these people are encouraged to have pride in their identity, all these people are proud of their identity and have not forgotten who they are and all these people are encouraged to keep their culture and tolerant Britain allows it.

The indigenous people of Great Britain are the ones who have had their identity destroyed and made to feel shame for having pride of their white culture.  Diversity means getting rid of white people.

 Mass immigration will continue in 2020 and soon they will make it a criminal offence to criticise mass immigration and the vast problems it brings.  Many of you will have seen the “Global Compact for Migration” being signed by world leaders, including Theresa May, with some alarm.  Rightly so.

 Promotion of excessive drinking

 There was a time when alcohol was not sold on a Sunday and it was seen as a day of rest and a day for church, family and Sunday dinner.  Then the licensing laws were changed and alcohol was sold on a Sunday, happy hour was promoted in the pubs and clubs.  The lowering of the price of alcohol in supermarkets making it more accessible to young people. Women too were encouraged to get as drunk as men with the ‘ladette’ culture seen as something to aspire to.

Emptying of churches

Sunday was a day of wearing your Sunday best, attending church with your family and praying.  The sense of community and belonging was strong and people looked out for each other.

After church and prayers people would return home and mothers and grandmothers would prepare the Sunday roast for their families.

Now with the closing of churches and with many being turned into pubs and clubs, families get together on Sundays to go the pubs for their Sunday dinner and drink alcohol.

Many churches have been turned into mosques, flats, pubs and clubs. How many synagogues, temples and mosques have been shut down?

Unreliable legal system with bias against the victims

 Charlene Downes was 15 years old when she disappeared.  She had been exploited and raped by Muslim men, and two Muslim men were accused of killing her, chopping her body up and placing it through the mincer for kebab meat.  Charlene Downes’ parents received £15k in compensation and the men accused of killing her received around £250k in compensation.

The parents of Saffia Rose who was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing received £11k in compensation while a Muslim man who was kept in jail longer for than what he should have been received £100k.

Men who view images of children being abused get a slap on the wrist and no jail time.

Men who rape children are given such light sentences that they may as well be set free.

Parents who mutilate their children’s’ genitals are never punished.

Dependency on the state or state benefits

 Breakdown of the family unit thanks to feminism, which is another article for another day, meaning mothers having to work or claim benefits to survive, mothers are forced to work when their children start primary school.

When I say mothers I actually mean white British working class mothers. The mothers who are in polygamous marriages and cannot speak English will not be forced to work and will be allowed to claim benefits and raise their children.

Control and dumbing down of media

 Who controls the media?  Who decides when there is another rape jihad case being heard in the courts that they will report on the heat wave?  What is of more importance? Telling the truth or lying to the public?

Thanks to social media though we can see for ourselves what the truth is and where the lies are being peddled and even when the proof is there the media still continue to lie.

We have seen an increase in alternative news outlets to counteract the fake news, imagine if we didn’t even have that?

Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Feminists have brainwashed women and young girls into believing they can have it all and that careers and hedonistic lifestyles are more important than being a wife and a mother.  Those that ignore this and do settle down and have children will think nothing of leaving their babies with child minders while they go out to work to pay for the child minder.

The traditional roles of mothers staying at home to be wives and to raise children is frowned upon yet being slaves to employers is encouraged.

Absent fathers, some through choice and others through sheer badness on the mother’s part is not healthy for children who are caught up in their parents’ dramas.







There are those who cry at being called Islamophobe yet think nothing of calling others anti-Semitic.  These people sometimes threaten to sue for libel if called ‘racist’, while accusing others of being anti-Semitic often merely because they choose not to stand with Israel on every issue.

Most of the people on the right applaud and cheer when I speak the truth about Islam and the many harmful practices that occur in the Muslim communities. Yet many of these very same people are shocked and disgusted if I mention the Jews or Judaism in anything other than positive terms.

Why?  Why is it okay to criticise one and not the other.  When did this protection occur and when did we become so scared to say anything for fear of being labelled a Nazi or an anti-Semite.

The first known use of the word ‘anti-Semitism’ was in 1860 and originated primarily because one group of people thought that they were superior to another.

This very thing is happening right now with any criticism of Islam, as high-profile Muslims are trying to change the law in order to make criticising Islam a criminal offence.  Some political parties and groups are accepting definitions of Islamophobia that don’t even make sense.  What is ‘expressing Muslimness’?

Islamophobia is a made up word created, some say, by the Muslim Brotherhood to protect Islam from scrutiny.

Where is the protection for Christians from both Muslims and Jews? Are they not afforded the same protection from ‘Christianphobia’ by ‘anti-Christianites’?

When we discuss the paedophilia, which is all too common in the Catholic Church, no one accuses us of being a racist or a “Catholicphobic”. Nobody tries to silence us or smear us, and all discussions and criticisms are allowed.

Try to get into a discussion about the rabbis who suck the circumcised penis of an eight-day-old baby boy and just you wait for the accusations of anti-Semite.  The more ‘open-minded’ people will tell you it is their culture and who are we to interfere.

Where are the feminists protesting about the femicide of Muslim women? When is the Women’s March going to take place in solidarity for all the women murdered for being women and not behaving quite as the men wanted them to? Smash the patriarchy but not the Islamic one? And again the ‘hush now its part of their culture’ excuse is given. We are supposed to be in a post-enlightenment world!

Draw a cartoon of Mohammed and then watch as the Muslims in Islamic countries, Pakistan especially, riot and burn effigies of whoever organised it while calling for the death of all those who insult Islam and Mohammed. This behaviour is rightly criticised by those ‘on the right’.

But draw a cartoon of Trump walking Benjamin Netanyahu on a leash and watch how they call it ‘deeply anti-Semitic’ and are disgusted by it.

Draw a cartoon of Jesus smoking a spliff or cross-dressing and there is a deafening silence and lack of concern and manufactured outrage.  I remember singing ‘Jesus Christ Superstar, wears frilly knickers and a Wonderbra, the bra’s too big so he wears a wig and that’s why we call him a sexy pig,’ in the school playground.

So why can we mock and ridicule Christianity yet Islam and Judaism are protected, or at least treated very differently?

We live in a world where you can be jailed for denouncing Islam and for saying the Holocaust was fake or that you doubt the numbers of deaths, yet we can have total freedom of speech for mocking Jesus and Christianity. Who is setting the ‘freedom of speech’ rules?

Muslims and Jews are always portrayed as victims, even when we see that it is Christians who are being persecuted and massacred all over the world.

If Muslims kill in a terror attack, mosques are guarded for fear of a ‘far right’ backlash (that never happens).  On the rare occasion that Muslims are the victims of terror, then an attempt to crack down on the whole of the right wing happens as we saw after Christchurch.

If you don’t stand with Israel then you are an anti –Semite because according to the accusers, Israel is responsible for the stability in the Middle East.  Stability for whom?  The Middle East is always fighting; holy wars for oil and the accusers want us to believe there is stability.

The same accusers don’t call me Islamophobic for not standing with Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

The same people who are outraged over sharia patrols in the UK are silent about Shomrim, an Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood watch group that patrols the streets of northeast London protecting the Jewish population.

Those same people have probably never even heard of Hatzola, a voluntary ambulance service funded by the Jewish community for the Jewish community.

Outraged over halal meat yet silent on kosher.  We have even incorporated kosher into every day language ‘ if it’s kosher it’s good.’

People allow them to get away with it because they are a small group and by doing so they allow others, who are a much larger group, to have free reign.

Both groups believe they are God’s chosen people and both groups call us kuffar or goyim.

Believing you are God’s chosen people must instil in you some sort of superiority complex.

Christianity is one of the biggest religions yet Christians are not given free rein and are held accountable for the crimes of their ancestors.

Christians in the Middle East or Pakistan trying to escape the brutality and oppression they are suffering are not given asylum in the UK.  Take Asia Bibi, for example, refused asylum in the UK for fear of upsetting Muslims.

Jews have a home to go too if they are being persecuted and Muslims too can go back to their ancestral homes.  Where can Christians go?  Where is their home?

And why am I an anti-Semite or Islamophobe to ask these questions?

Anti-Semitism means to be hostile or prejudiced against Jews and I am neither hostile nor prejudiced.

Islamophobe means a person with a dislike or prejudiced against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force, I loathe Islam with a passion because I have seen what it does first hand.

I believe that all religions, ideologies and people should be held to the same standard of scrutiny and that no one race or religion should be given a free pass.  Freedom of speech and freedom of thought is under threat when religions are protected by laws solely created to quell criticism.

We should all resist this before it is too late.