There are those who cry at being called Islamophobe yet think nothing of calling others anti-Semitic.  These people sometimes threaten to sue for libel if called ‘racist’, while accusing others of being anti-Semitic often merely because they choose not to stand with Israel on every issue.

Most of the people on the right applaud and cheer when I speak the truth about Islam and the many harmful practices that occur in the Muslim communities. Yet many of these very same people are shocked and disgusted if I mention the Jews or Judaism in anything other than positive terms.

Why?  Why is it okay to criticise one and not the other.  When did this protection occur and when did we become so scared to say anything for fear of being labelled a Nazi or an anti-Semite.

The first known use of the word ‘anti-Semitism’ was in 1860 and originated primarily because one group of people thought that they were superior to another.

This very thing is happening right now with any criticism of Islam, as high-profile Muslims are trying to change the law in order to make criticising Islam a criminal offence.  Some political parties and groups are accepting definitions of Islamophobia that don’t even make sense.  What is ‘expressing Muslimness’?

Islamophobia is a made up word created, some say, by the Muslim Brotherhood to protect Islam from scrutiny.

Where is the protection for Christians from both Muslims and Jews? Are they not afforded the same protection from ‘Christianphobia’ by ‘anti-Christianites’?

When we discuss the paedophilia, which is all too common in the Catholic Church, no one accuses us of being a racist or a “Catholicphobic”. Nobody tries to silence us or smear us, and all discussions and criticisms are allowed.

Try to get into a discussion about the rabbis who suck the circumcised penis of an eight-day-old baby boy and just you wait for the accusations of anti-Semite.  The more ‘open-minded’ people will tell you it is their culture and who are we to interfere.

Where are the feminists protesting about the femicide of Muslim women? When is the Women’s March going to take place in solidarity for all the women murdered for being women and not behaving quite as the men wanted them to? Smash the patriarchy but not the Islamic one? And again the ‘hush now its part of their culture’ excuse is given. We are supposed to be in a post-enlightenment world!

Draw a cartoon of Mohammed and then watch as the Muslims in Islamic countries, Pakistan especially, riot and burn effigies of whoever organised it while calling for the death of all those who insult Islam and Mohammed. This behaviour is rightly criticised by those ‘on the right’.

But draw a cartoon of Trump walking Benjamin Netanyahu on a leash and watch how they call it ‘deeply anti-Semitic’ and are disgusted by it.

Draw a cartoon of Jesus smoking a spliff or cross-dressing and there is a deafening silence and lack of concern and manufactured outrage.  I remember singing ‘Jesus Christ Superstar, wears frilly knickers and a Wonderbra, the bra’s too big so he wears a wig and that’s why we call him a sexy pig,’ in the school playground.

So why can we mock and ridicule Christianity yet Islam and Judaism are protected, or at least treated very differently?

We live in a world where you can be jailed for denouncing Islam and for saying the Holocaust was fake or that you doubt the numbers of deaths, yet we can have total freedom of speech for mocking Jesus and Christianity. Who is setting the ‘freedom of speech’ rules?

Muslims and Jews are always portrayed as victims, even when we see that it is Christians who are being persecuted and massacred all over the world.

If Muslims kill in a terror attack, mosques are guarded for fear of a ‘far right’ backlash (that never happens).  On the rare occasion that Muslims are the victims of terror, then an attempt to crack down on the whole of the right wing happens as we saw after Christchurch.

If you don’t stand with Israel then you are an anti –Semite because according to the accusers, Israel is responsible for the stability in the Middle East.  Stability for whom?  The Middle East is always fighting; holy wars for oil and the accusers want us to believe there is stability.

The same accusers don’t call me Islamophobic for not standing with Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

The same people who are outraged over sharia patrols in the UK are silent about Shomrim, an Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood watch group that patrols the streets of northeast London protecting the Jewish population.

Those same people have probably never even heard of Hatzola, a voluntary ambulance service funded by the Jewish community for the Jewish community.

Outraged over halal meat yet silent on kosher.  We have even incorporated kosher into every day language ‘ if it’s kosher it’s good.’

People allow them to get away with it because they are a small group and by doing so they allow others, who are a much larger group, to have free reign.

Both groups believe they are God’s chosen people and both groups call us kuffar or goyim.

Believing you are God’s chosen people must instil in you some sort of superiority complex.

Christianity is one of the biggest religions yet Christians are not given free rein and are held accountable for the crimes of their ancestors.

Christians in the Middle East or Pakistan trying to escape the brutality and oppression they are suffering are not given asylum in the UK.  Take Asia Bibi, for example, refused asylum in the UK for fear of upsetting Muslims.

Jews have a home to go too if they are being persecuted and Muslims too can go back to their ancestral homes.  Where can Christians go?  Where is their home?

And why am I an anti-Semite or Islamophobe to ask these questions?

Anti-Semitism means to be hostile or prejudiced against Jews and I am neither hostile nor prejudiced.

Islamophobe means a person with a dislike or prejudiced against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force, I loathe Islam with a passion because I have seen what it does first hand.

I believe that all religions, ideologies and people should be held to the same standard of scrutiny and that no one race or religion should be given a free pass.  Freedom of speech and freedom of thought is under threat when religions are protected by laws solely created to quell criticism.

We should all resist this before it is too late.