The victims we know so well

Every time there is an incident involving the followers of the not so peaceful religion, MSM is quick to contact Muslims to discuss it. Whether it is a terrorist attack or another rape gang being jailed, the panel is mostly made up of Muslims.

The same type of Muslims who wrongly believe that to criticise the Muslims who carry out these attacks is somehow criticising ALL Muslims. Muslims who will argue that the terrorists who carried out the latest knife/truck attack and the rapists are not REAL Muslims.

How do they know? Do they know them personally? Who are they to decide who is a Muslim? Before they carried out the terror attack they would have been Muslims. When they are buried they are given a Muslim burial. So why say they are not Muslims? To protect the image of Islam? Let’s be honest that image needs more than a few lies to protect it.

Same story with the rape gangs, from the panel of Muslims and others in MSM who write articles and give their opinions. The majority of them claim that these paedophiles are not Muslim because they drank alcohol, sold drugs, and raped the girls and so go against the teachings of Islam.

Muslims drink alcohol, take drugs, sell drugs, have sex, eat non halal meat, rape girls, sodomise boys and never pray five times a day. The only time many Muslims pray is Jumma prayers, prayers on a Friday. Pray on a Friday and Allah will forgive the sins committed all week. This is why the busiest day of the week at any mosque in the UK is a Friday. Or Eid prayers, then it is busy and funerals. Any other time the mosque is not very busy.

To claim that these Muslims who carry out terror attacks are not Muslims is ridiculous. They are REAL Muslims who literally follow the words of the Koran.

Time and time again we hear of another mosque where a hate preacher has been found to be spreading hate, poisoning the minds of young Muslim men and boys to hate the west, the infidels, the Jews and to wage Jihad. Mosques and many Muslim homes where children are raised to believe one day the world will be Islamic.

Recently an Islamic school was in the news because the children were being taught that rape was ok. Where do the teachers get this information from, where do they learn this to pass it on to the young? Could it be the Koran?

Any time there is an attack by Muslims, be it in the UK, Europe or the Middle East we see the same high profile Muslim voices quick to condemn the West, foreign policy or the Iraq war to name a few of the excuses that they come out with. Never do we hear them say terror attacks occur because these Muslims hate us and our way of life and that they dream of a global caliphate. Even when ISIS claim responsibility for the attacks and tell us why they attack they still refuse to discuss this.

Anytime there is another rape gang uncovered the usual high profile Muslim voices are quick to deflect to Jimmy Savile, point out that most rapists, paedophiles are white men, jails are full of white paeados and other excuses to stop the much needed debate as to why gangs of Pakistani Muslim men are raping white girls in towns and cities across the UK.

A pig’s head was left outside a mosque in Bolton and all the usual high profile Muslim voices are outraged. Disgusted. Shocked and sickened. Yet little or no outrage for the rape of children in their communities. You can bet if it was white men raping their little girls and boys there would be a war on the streets of Britain. When it is their own men raping and sodomising the children in the community it is somehow ok? No roaring, no outrage, no Britain burning. Sad. Sad that they devote so much time and energy towards fake Islamophobia and do little to deal with the real hatred in the community. Hatred towards children, women, gays, white people, the list is endless.

To even dare to discuss the rot in the heart of the community somehow means ALL of the community is rotten. If the community carries on like it does, in denial, always the victim, refusing to address the harmful cultural practices then the rot will spread and it will be beyond any help.





It has everything to do with Islam

Islam is never out of the news. If it wasn’t for bad news about Islam, there would be no news about Islam.

Never have I experienced a time when Islam and Muslims have been discussed daily in the news, social media sites, the water cooler and the hairdressers. There are atrocities being committed in the name of Islam right across the world, pretty much every single day, and probably as I write these very words.

Some say it has “nothing to do with Islam”; some cannily hedge their bets and say it has “something to do with Islam” and some say it has “everything to do with Islam”. The bickering continues with insults, threats and deaths to silence any honest and grown up discussion around Islam.

Well, sitting on the fence gives you a sore behind so I say it has everything to do with Islam and the Mullahs and Sheikhs who control their communities, and who tell us that all our problems can be solved by reading a 1,400 year old book about violence, conquest and intolerance.

There are over a billion Muslims in the world and many of them are angry that they are being tarred with the same brush as the ones who are not so peaceful, but unfortunately poll after poll demonstrates the at huge numbers of Muslims, in the Muslim world but also the West, hold views which are simply incompatible with civilisation, with humanity, with normality.

It’s important to observe countries where Muslims are the majority and where Sharia law is the only law. These are countries where the rulers and politicians think nothing of beheading someone for being gay, or stoning to death a victim of rape or jailing and lashing those who question Islam. The problem in these countries isn’t that the rulers and politicians are “misinterpreting” the Quran and Hadiths. The problem is that they are accurately interpreting them.

When I see the stories of injustice, brutality and total control and oppression of women, who in some Muslim majority countries must be veiled and are not allowed to drive or even to leave home without the permission of a male relative, I am sickened. When I see men hanging from cranes by their necks as punishment for being gay, I cry, at the senseless loss of life. I cry when I hear of children being raped and murdered and their rapists and killers escaping justice because men are rarely punished for crimes of rape in Muslim majority countries.

Adultery in these countries is for women punishable by stoning to death, buried up to the neck, stones and large boulders, thrown by a baying crowd of men; I even read one story where the woman’s own father threw the first rock. I guess that’s what European feminists call “male privilege”. Men can also be killed but not in exactly the same brutal way. They get the same stone and boulder shower, but they’re buried in the ground “only” to the stomach, not right up to the neck.

So why then is it “racist” to be scared of Islam? It seems entirely rational to be scared of Islam. Why is it that when someone like the commentator Douglas Murray speaks up about this kind of horror that is real life for many people in Islamic countries, he is called a far right extremist? Murray is gay, an atheist and a critic of Islam. In my book, he has three exceptionally good reasons to be scared of Islam.

I have even seen a petition calling for the BBC to issue an apology for having Murray on some programme or other. Seriously? Somebody has sat down and thought Douglas Murray is the real threat here, forget that in countries where Sharia law is the law, Douglas Murray would be one of the first people thrown off a tall building or swinging from a crane.

Muslims who live in the Western world and are protected by Western laws wouldn’t last long living under Sharia law either. In the West we can go where we want, with whom we want, when we want, wearing clothes we have chosen. We can go to pubs with friends and we can choose whether to drink or not, we can choose to date, study at school and learn to drive. Simple things in life we all take for granted but for women, especially, in countries where Sharia law is enforced, these things are not within reach. For many, they are not even a memory.

If Islam really is peaceful then my suggestion, for Muslims in the Western world, is to allow the ‘Draw Mohammed’ competitions to take place. These are cartoons, that’s all. And think about it: no one knows for sure what the prophet looks like, so technically it isn’t really a drawing of Mohammed.

When Muslims hear of the rape of children by Pakistani Muslim men in the UK, they are silent, other than to press their big shiny red RACISM buzzers when others bring up the subject. But when Muslims hear of children dying in Palestine they march in their thousands with ‘Free Palestine’ banners. When someone attempts to stage a ‘Draw Mohammed’ event, Muslims mobilise to protest in huge numbers and huge volume. But when ISIS drag the planet back to the Stone Age, or rather the Stoning Age, Muslims can barely fill a broom cupboard in protest – if they protest at all.

Here in the UK, grooming gangs have already raped thousands of children and there is no suggestion this phenomenon has stopped. Muslims are silent because they do not want to admit there is a cancer at the root of our community. Muslims have organised no marches to show they are disgusted at the way our men have behaved. On the contrary, Muslim groups asked the police to ban a recent Pegida march in Rotherham highlighting the abuse. Get that into your head: Muslims are trying to stop protests about children being raped by Muslims, but they’re not trying to stop actual rapes of children by Muslims.

Muslim men are also raping Muslim children in their communities and we as a community stay silent again. Organise a ‘Draw Mohammed’ competition though and we will take to the streets, lobby the right people, and instil such a fear into the hearts of the organisers that the competition has to be cancelled, due to safety reasons.

To show the world that everyone has got it wrong about Islam why don’t we direct that passion and anger towards the men who are raping our children and end it? Why don’t we gather in our thousands and march to Westminster and demand that action be taken to end the misery of thousands of children in the UK?

If we can stop people criticising and mocking Islam, if we can stop people drawing cartoons of the Mohammed then surely we can attempt to stop the rape of children, here in the UK, where Sharia law is not (yet) the law?

Muslims must focus on their own behaviour, not that of their fellow Muslims


Everyone, it seems, is interested in what religion you follow. In Glasgow you are usually asked what school you went to and if you reply Saint this or Our Ladies that then the person asking will know you are a Catholic. I have been asked many times if I am Muslim as I have a Muslim name. Am I a Muslim? I suppose I am, because I was born into a Muslim family, even though my mother is a Catholic. She gave up her religion when she met my father and converted to Islam. In Islam, the religion of the father trumps the religion of the mother and I have never felt an affiliation to Catholicism.

I never knew anything about the Catholic religion when I was growing up and even today I know little about it apart from confessions, Mass and Hail Marys.

Religion should be a private matter between individuals and their chosen God. All religions declare that ‘Only God can judge me’ yet its followers spend a huge amount of time judging each other. It’s a human trait no matter what religion you follow or don’t follow.

Many Muslims who leave their religion call themselves Ex Muslims. There was recently even a popular hashtag on Twitter #exmuslimbecause, where people were leaving comments as to why they left Islam. I also left a comment or two even though I do not see myself as Ex Muslim; I did this in solidarity with those who had left Islam and in solidarity with those who live in countries where it is punishable by lashings and death.

“I am of Muslim heritage” is how I describe myself to people who ask. I tell them my father is a Muslim and my mother a Catholic. I did not choose to be a Muslim it was forced upon me, at birth, by my parents. Why, then, do I hold onto the Muslim label, you may wonder, when I do not pray five times a day, I rarely eat halal meat, I drink alcohol and on rare occasions I even eat a bacon sandwich? And as crazy as it sounds I have no idea why I have this need to label myself as someone of Muslim heritage. I don’t go around shouting it for all to hear, just my answer when the discussion comes round to religion.

Growing up in a Muslim home the indoctrination runs deep, the fear of the hell fire never quite leaves you and also turning your back on the religion is a sure way of being shunned by your family and the community. For me the problem of being shunned is no big deal, as I was disowned many, many years ago. For other Muslims, though, it can be a matter of life and death in some countries and even in the UK, where it is relatively safer, the fear of losing contact with all that is familiar, your family and the community, means it is just easier to say you are still Muslim.

I am lucky that my Muslim friends don’t really care if I am religious or not, and they accept me for who I am. They themselves are not overly religious. Some drink alcohol but eat only halal meat; some pray only on Eid and at funerals. Some give nothing to charity and have not been on Hajj (something that all Muslims are encouraged to do in their lifetime, at least once). Many are Muslim by name only. Who decides if they are good enough Muslims or not? Not me. And it should certainly not be fellow Muslims or Mullahs, Sheikhs and self-proclaimed scholars of Islam. It’s between that individual and God.

Being Muslim is on a different level, today, to when I was growing up. Back then it was racism and ignorance from non-Muslims that was our biggest fear. Today the hatred towards Muslims from their fellow Muslims is, in my opinion, far worse than the racism I experienced growing up, which now actually seems quite trivial in comparison. Hatred from fellow Muslims is worse because it is so much more dangerous than the racism I grew up with, and also because it’s incredibly hypocritical too: how often do you hear Muslim ‘leaders’ take to the airwaves to tell us how compassionate and peaceful Islam is? Sadly, this compassion rarely extends to allowing fellow Muslims to practice Islam as they choose, as individuals, and it certainly doesn’t include letting Muslims leave Islam safely. All the other religions have no problems with their followers leaving and most family members still love and welcome their children if they choose to stop attending the church or the chapel. With Islam it is a different story and openly leaving Islam is dangerous for many, regardless of where you live in the world.

Maybe social media is partly to blame, as we can now connect with people from all over the world and not all connections are positive. There are so many different labels for Muslims: progressive, liberal, secular, moderate, ex, and depending which label you give yourself, your fellow Muslims will attack you for not, in their eyes, being a good enough Muslim. And if you are a liberal Muslim woman then the hate and vitriol aimed at you will be ten times worse than what the men have to put up with.

London now has a Muslim mayor and people are divided about how they feel about this. There are many Muslims and non-Muslims who are rightly questioning his links with extremists and then there are those who are claiming he is not Muslim enough.

Maybe if the Muslim community stopped gossiping about each other’s business, and also stopped playing the racism/Islamophobia card at the drop of a hat (something the new Mayor of London did when his extremism connections were questioned in the electoral campaign), and focus instead on their own individual relationship with God, rather than everyone else’s, our news wouldn’t be filled to bursting point with so many sickening stories whose common factor is Islam. Until Muslims, en masse, can get even a basic handle on the concept of personal liberty and freedom – something people of other faiths and no faith throughout Europe have generally managed to do- I fear that as far as the harm Islam can cause, we really ain’t seen nothing yet.